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The 72-year-old man is still crazy about plowing games, making his son also admire

Nowadays, playing games has become extremely popular with everyone, every home. But not only young people but also the elderly joined the ranks of gamers. Although they are old and weak, they still choose very strong entertainment games. Not only that, the old men and women even “plowed” the game with great enthusiasm and achieved high achievements no less than the younger generation of gamers.


Recently, an account Twitter name is, has a name which is PAC-TRICK posted on his personal page a picture of his father playing a game with the sharing: “Feeling proud of my 72-year-old father. After 215 hours he broke the island Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Thank you Nintendo for making a game for all ages.” This makes many gamers have to respect this 72-year-old man. As can be seen, the father of the account PAC-TRICK is also another steadfast person. Because it is possible to overcome this game, you are willing to spend a long process of up to 215 hours to “plow”. It is estimated that every day spending at least 3 hours, it also takes 2 months to break the island.


Currently, elderly people who are retired and no longer have the energy to work at home are easy to feel lonely when their children are still busy with work. Therefore, the fact that the old man plays games is also encouraged by his relatives. Because, playing games not only helps brain activity but also enhances reflexes, helping the elderly to prevent diseases and old age, and can also make them forget the feeling of loneliness when playing games. to be alone at home. It is for these reasons that the son feels extremely happy when his father can enjoy his favorite game and thank the publisher for creating those games. I think, everyone can follow this family, introduce the elderly in their family to access to attractive games to help them entertain, find joy in the late afternoon and forget loneliness.


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