PUBG suddenly added 2 new weapons – let gamers hold “44” for the first time

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds owns a fairly massive weaponry, allowing players to experience firsthand pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, machine guns or sniper rifles. However, that’s not why gamers PUBG do not want to add new types of weapons.. allowing players to have more options in the ability to fight enemies.


And as expected today, the Bluehole development team has officially announced 2 completely new weapon strains that are about to be present in PUBG’s Server Test. Yes we are talking about the machine gun DP-28 and assault rifles AUG A3.


For Rainbow Six Siege gamers, the image of the DP-28 is no longer strange when it is one of Tachanka’s famous weapons in the game. Now when appearing in PUBG, gamers can find it comfortably on the map and can use it whenever they want. This weapon also marks the first time a machine gun has appeared freely in the map. Previously, the only machine gun that gamers could place their hands on was the M249 and it was only available in Air Drop.


In parallel, the AUG A3 – the fourth generation of the AUG series, which is more familiar in Counter-Strike through the name “44”, will only appear in the Air Drop box. This feature will put the AUG A3 on a par with Groza, offering 2 options for the assault rifle category if gamers are successful in looting the chest. It is predicted that AUG A3 will be able to operate more accurately than Groza.. but in return, the firing speed will be slower, ensuring a balance for gameplay.

Besides these two weapons, PUBG is also preparing to launch a new Update with the main goal of optimizing the game. To be more precise, the Update will allow the game to accurately calculate the hardware capabilities of each machine configuration for rendering, allowing for more stable frame rates and reduced lag. This new weapon and update will be available at the first Server Test, then officially set foot on the main server next week. All information about PUBG will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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