Love Sword 3D – There are too many surprises in the “Excellent Martial Arts Season 3” Tournament

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The 3rd season of martial arts masterpiece took place successfully after a serious and dramatic process of competition. As the Gypsy world knows, this season’s Vo Lam Tan Dai Minh Master honors ROBOT gamers, an emerging force of the world. Love Sword 3D with the TOP 1 fighting force, also known as the “third person”, intervened in the battle between Phi Son and Zippo.


The real power of ROBOT has been clearly verified through many rounds. Not only excelling in battle strength, but ROBOT also proved its ability to cold-blooded PK when in turn killing many powerful opponents like Phi Son in the semi-finals or Silicon in the final round convincingly.​


Before the final round of the 3rd round of the Great Product took place, people were looking forward to a dream final between Phi Son and ROBOT, or a skill match between Phi Son and Zippo – rivals full of grace that have passed. understand each other in the past. Unfortunately, Phi Son was defeated by ROBOT in the semi-finals, while Zippo was eliminated in the group stage.


However, because of that, a final match beyond the imagination of the martial arts world was held. Accordingly, Silicon and ROBOT gave the audience a thrilling and dramatic match to the last minute. The difference in battle strength was almost erased by the PK level of the two players who overcame many limits before proceeding to the final round.


Not only area 5, but in other regions, every first match in the duel round took place in a way that couldn’t be more dramatic. Adjacent to area 5, areas 4 and 3 also attract a large number of players, while regions 2 and 1 are considered the fierce “young shoots” tournament, where there are the most rookies of the tournament. fight.​


Another special feature is Dai Minh Chu ROBOT, the champion of the best martial arts season 3; 2nd Runner up Silicon and 3rd place Phi Son both come from Server S10 Ho Kiem – eloquently affirming the terrible power and ultimate force that this server possesses that is capable of challenging any other server – server cluster.​


Thus, the Ultimate Martial Arts season 3 tournament ended with a series of surprises, the most significant of which must be the rapid change in the position of the new great leader and the runner-up. This proves to be a reality, the strength of many masters is extremely potential and if you sleep on the victory, every season of martial arts masterpiece will be a great challenge that is difficult to overcome.

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