It took 3 years for players to find the hidden monster in the game

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If you know the name Dark Souls You must have heard about it too Bloodborne – the brother who shares the same roof with the game series dubbed the “hardest” in the virtual world. Sharing the same bloodline as Dark Souls, this game continues the tradition of killing gamers like harvesting grass with its insane difficulty. But not only famous for its challenging gameplay.. Bloodborne is also known for its secrets that until now, 3 years after the official release date, have yet to be solved.


Most of the game’s secrets appear in the Chalice Dungeons area, which serves as a place for gamers to explore and challenge themselves with a variety of hidden boss cannot be found in the main storyline. Now, one of the monsters that did not exist in Bloodborne has appeared after exactly 3 years of hiding under the eyes of players.


Name Flaming Undead Giant, this giant zombie with a fiery blade first appeared in a developer demo. However, when the game was officially released, gamers could not find this monster anywhere in the game. After a long search, Bloodborne fans have finally come to the conclusion that the Flaming Undead Giant has been removed from the final version of Bloodborne before its release date.


However, 3 years later, the gamer has a nickname Kolbrot Kommander unexpectedly encountered this monster in Chalice Dungeons – marking the first time this boss really revealed himself in the game after a very long time. Above all, it also proves that Bloodborne still has a lot of secrets that gamers have not been able to discover and in a dark corner somewhere deep in the game labyrinth, there are still hungry eyes watching gamers. reveal yourself. Readers can watch the entire clip of discovering and playing cat and mouse with Flaming Undead Giant here:​

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