Battle for the Galaxy – 3 years old Mobile Game still has 250,000 players/day

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Current strategy game never ceases to be hot on the Mobile platform when gamers are always eager to show their ability to control generals anytime, anywhere.. Battle for the Galaxy is a prime example of that when it still attracts a huge number of gamers even after being released for a long time. Operating for 3 years, the game still has 250,000 players logging into Battle for the Galaxy every day to join the battle and feel the fiery atmosphere in the game.


Interestingly, after that time the game has had many different versions, spanning both Android, iOS as well as the Web on PC. This allows Battle for the Galaxy to step up to the most popular and perennial product available today. If you accidentally missed the game, this is your chance to correct your mistake and head straight to the bottom of the article to start downloading Battle for the Galaxy right now.


Game trailers.

Similar to Clash of Clans, Battle for the Galaxy split into 2 arrays to attack and build where gamers will show their commanding skills. With the attack array, the player can allocate units to the enemy base, so that they automatically rush to the building and sweep mercilessly. Meanwhile, in the field of construction, players have the opportunity to build a strong economy with a system of producing / upgrading soldiers and protecting from foreign invaders.


Battle for the Galaxy also owns an extremely eye-catching graphic background with vividly showing the fire effect and destructive power of each battle. The model of the house is also well taken care of with clear details, not to mention the movement of the robot unit is also very flexible.


Like I said, if you’ve never had a chance to enjoy Battle for the Galaxy or accidentally “forgot” it, here is your chance to correct it by downloading the game for free directly here:



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