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PUBG Mobile – “Someone’s” sister personally went to find someone to run with her brother

Most of today’s online games have content and gameplay that are mainly suitable for men and attract a large number of male gamers to participate. But it cannot be denied that there are more and more “pink balls” appearing in the game, including swordplay, plowing, shooting, or even a title. survival game as fierce as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

There is no denying that when PUBG has and is owning an extremely large fan girl force. That also seems to be a great motivation for male gamers to “run bo” every day because maybe thanks to that, they can find a half both in the game and in real life. But a harsh truth that, not every lucky guy can find himself a companion.

Perhaps that’s why recently, a female gamer had to personally post to find someone to “run with” for her brother with a very impressive introduction. It is known that the guy is a true PUBG fan, currently a member of the Ave Maria clan, and most importantly, still has no lover.


If that’s all, it’s nothing special. However, with a “marshal” appearance, a delicate face, and a PUBG cosplay costume, the male gamer in the shared pictures could not help but impress many people.​

The character is receiving a lot of attention from the members PUBG Mobile community Nguyen The Bao guy. This is a genuine hot face when owning a personal facebook page with more than 22,000 followers.


Thanks to that, suddenly, this “best-hearted” sister in the Gulf of Tonkin received dozens of “fake” sisters-in-law. A lot of people are curious to know what is the in-game Id of this male gamer. Not only that, the owner of the post, the “mindful” sister, also received a lot of attention from the male members of the group.

That’s enough to see how important a companion in the game is. Although often known as “chicken” or “dumbbell” no one wants to pull, but it is undeniable that the appearance of “pink balls” in the game is one of the great motivations to help you guys. Beard battle is more excited and excited than ever.​

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