PUBG is forced to lower the graphics quality to avoid lag

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Developed by PUBG Corp, PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is considered one of the titles battle royale game hottest right now. Not stopping at PC, the developer of this game also put the game on Microsoft’s Xbox One platform in the past time.

Although PUBG has officially released 1.0 on the Xbox One platform, when running on Xbox One X, the frame rate of the game still does not reach the ideal level. Therefore, the PUBG developer said that they will temporarily lower the image quality of this game on the Xbox One X platform to solve the above problem, ensuring the best frame rate.


PUBG Corp also shared, the stuttering situation when playing the game is the main reason why they made this decision, and they will release a hotfix update fix to improve this problem, after fixing it. , the game’s visual resolution will not be affected.

There are two options for reducing image quality in the hotfix: screen masking and particle effects, and all special effects like motion blur, lens flare, reflections, and refraction. screen irradiation, underwater light reflection.


The developer of PUBG game expressed its deep apology to gamers for this change, they also admitted that this is not an ideal solution, and they emphasized that this is just a solution. temporary. Currently, the company is still running PUBG on the Xbox One X platform with two frame types, one focusing on the game’s frame rate, the other focusing on image quality.

Hopefully the company can solve this problem as soon as possible so that gamers can have the best experience. All relevant information will be continuously updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers.

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