The weirdest enemies on earth that Lara Croft has ever faced

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Tomb Raider which is a game series with a long history (since 1996). Up to now, there have been 17 games with Lara Croft the main character is introduced. The 18th game titled Shadow of the Tomb Raider also officially announced the release date in September this year. Over the past 20 years, our girl Lara has gone through countless expeditions, confronting countless enemies, from ferocious to extremely monstrous. Below, is a list of the weirdest and most bizarre enemies, which the writer is sure will never-have-to-be-released.

The Skinning Devil of Atlantis


One of the Bosses of the first Tomb Raider game. In this game, Lara Croft had to travel through countless levels of the legendary city of Atlantis. Here, our heroine must not only hunt Jacqueline Natla – the mysterious ruler of the city, but also confront its inhabitants. Among them, is a creature that the writer actually does not understand why it is shaped like that. It was a city under the sea, but this monster didn’t have a fish-like appearance, but rather a winged demon that had been skinned.

Muscular Birdman


Another “miracle” creature that Lara has to confront in Tibet in Tomb Raider 2. There is no explanation that this game gives for the existence of these giant chimpanzees. To Lara, they seem to be blocking her way to the “ancient grave”. So, of course, knock them down and get over it, wondering what to do with their “supernatural” appearance.



The final boss of Tomb Raider 2. This Dragon is actually the transformation state of the main villain in the game – a fanatical leader named Bartoli. Bartoli transforms into this Dragon by inserting “Xian’s Knife” – an artifact from China, which Lara has been searching for throughout the game – into his heart. Lara, obviously, couldn’t defeat a Dragon with her own strength. Because of that, she managed to pull the knife out of the Dragon’s chest, let Bartoli turn back into a human form, and then disintegrate into dust.

Mutant Professor


Legendary ancient creatures are not Lara’s only enemies, but even science. Tomb Raider 3 brings players to Antarctica, where our heroine must find a way to stop a mad professor who wants to bring humans to a new level of evolution. Obviously, we humans are not very suitable for this new level of evolution, and then become disgustingly deformed creatures. And yet, the professor named Willard himself also experienced that evolution, to become a half-spider, half-human creature like the picture above. Why did he do that after seeing his subordinates turn into monsters? Because Tomb Raider 3 needs a Boss that looks “cool”!!

Egyptian God of Death


Of course, an artifact-themed series like Tomb Raider will definitely have a big flaw if Lara doesn’t “get” to confront a real God. In the fourth game of the series, The Last Revelation, Lara was forced to defeat Seth (Egyptian God of Death) after… accidentally freeing him from a sealed necklace. First, Lara had a great idea, when she wanted to summon another Egyptian God, Horus (God of the Sky) to defeat Seth. The plan fails, and Lara is forced to find another way, which is to seal Seth in a shrine. Luckily, this time, our Lara succeeded.

A certain monster whose name is still unknown


Indeed. Tomb Raider: Legend never explains what the hell in the picture above really is. It hunted Lara throughout the game, but she never seemed to find out the truth about it. This entity eventually fused with an old friend turned enemy of Lara, and was sealed by her within a mystical stone.

Evil clones

There was a time when evil clones were a hugely popular form of Boss in the game, and Tomb Raider was no exception. In fact, they are called Doppelgangers – Ghosts of a living person, or roughly, people who look exactly like the original. Right from her first game, Lara was up against a version of her Atlantis-style Doppelganger. And when it comes to “Atlantean style”, the writer is referring to the two words “skinning”. That’s right, look, it’s a “hot” Lara, with ET’s head and muscles exposed.


Lara obviously couldn’t accept a “like” version of herself walking on land, so she pushed it into a lake of molten lava. As the ages go by, in Tomb Raider: Underworld, Lara has to face another version of her Doppelganger. This time, fortunately, it had decent flesh and skin. Therefore, even though this version is much stronger than the old version, Lara probably won’t have nightmares after confronting it.

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