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The guy who proposed to his girlfriend caused a stir at the opening ceremony of Sony Show 2018 and the ending

On September 14, in Ho Chi Minh City, Sony officially opened its annual event, which is Sony Show 2018 with the theme #Live on Youth (Youth Up with Sony). The event was held for 3 days from September 14 to 16, 2018 and the chosen venue is still the Youth Cultural House. This is really the most spectacular and exciting technology event that is expected by a large number of young people every year.

However, this year, a rare event happened on the first day of the event, which could not help but attract the attention of many people, even being shared by netizens on social networking sites. festival. Accordingly, a short clip recorded a scene where a guy openly confessed to his girlfriend right in the middle of the opening ceremony, in front of a large number of attendees. Needless to say, this action of the young man attracted the camera lens and took pictures towards the couple.

Despite receiving enthusiastic response and encouragement from everyone around, it seems that this public confession in a crowded place did not completely bring the desired results. Watching the clip, it can be seen that, while the boy knelt down with a proposal ring in his hand to express his love, while the girl, the main character of the proposal, could only hold her face down, not raising her face. Look up at your boyfriend once. Even when he took her hand, she still hesitated and withdrew her hand. Only when receiving encouragement from the MC, did the girlfriend timidly reach out her hand again to receive the ring from her boyfriend in the enthusiastic response of everyone around.​

Image cut from clip

The final result, although also went smoothly, but through the reaction of the insiders, specifically the girl who received the marriage proposal, felt somewhat uncomfortable, even somewhat reluctant. I think that expressing affection in public is not always a good idea, because it can easily cause embarrassment and awkwardness for the other party, not to mention the case that if it fails, it won’t work. It’s like making yourself a laughing stock.​

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