After 23 years, the final boss Conan is about to appear?

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The identity of RUM – the second-placed character of the Black Organization has finally been revealed in the latest developments.

RUM is known to be the second most important character after the Boss and has a higher rank than Gin. The information we have heard about RUM is that he is probably a tall, large man with one eye.


In the story book Detective Conan Recently, the identity of RUM has been revealed. That is the sushi salesman Wakita Kanenori (56 years old) next to the investigative office of the zinc-bearded Detective Mori. Actually, this information is not surprising because before Kanenori Wakita was listed as one of three suspects. With this confirmation, we can completely confirm that Conan’s previous inferences are completely correct and Kanenori Wakita is also completely consistent with RUM’s identity.

Before that, Conan had suspected three people who were likely RUM. The first is Kuroda Hyoe, head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s 1st Investigative Division, who also lost an eye due to an accident in the past and often refers to Conan as Mr. Mori’s “Teacher”.

Kuroda Hyoe – Chief of Investigation Team No. 1 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

The second is Wakasa Rumi, the vice head teacher of class 1B at Teitan Elementary School, where the detectives are studying. Wakasa is known for her clumsy and clumsy personality, but she always gives Conan suggestions for solving cases. In times when the detective team is not present or not paying attention, she is also the one who knocks down the killer in the blink of an eye and pretends to be just “lucky”.

Wakasa Rumi – Vice President of Class 1B.

The third person is Wakita Kanenori, the sushi chef at the Beika Irohasushi restaurant next to the Mori detective office.

Wakita Kanenori – Sushi chef.

With RUM’s true identity revealed, Conan must now be extremely cautious because his most dangerous enemy is now near him. But the appearance of RUM, a senior figure of the Organization, also suggests that the Boss is also about to appear and Conan is about to go to the end of the journey.

On the occasion of the “deputy boss” event, let’s join the Emergenceingame.Com team to review all the members of the mysterious Black Organization who appeared in Famous Detective Conan. A special feature is that members of this Organization get codenames from the names of wines.

  1. Gin: Black Organization’s bloodiest person, who gave Conan (Shinichi Kudo) poison and caused his body to shrink.​

  2. Vodka: the right hand always follows Gin but is very slow and easily fooled.​

  3. Sherry: the one who researched the poison that made Shinichi shrink. After learning that she could not escape the Organization, Sherry committed suicide with a drug she made but did not die, but also shrunk like Conan and then lived under the new identity of Haibara Ai.

  4. Bourbon: Japanese Security Bureau police infiltrate the Black Organization.​

  5. Akai Shuichi (silver bullet): FBI investigator who once infiltrated the Foundation, with unmatched sniping abilities.​

  6. Kir – Mizunashi Rena: a television announcer who becomes a CIA follower in his father’s footsteps and infiltrates the Organization.​

  7. Vermouth: readers will remember this member with his melancholy makeup skills.​

  8. Chianti and Korn: the cold-blooded sniper duo of the Organization, under the command of Gin ready to kill thousands of innocent people.​

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