PUBG Mobile 2: New State: Everything you need to know


PUBG New State is expected to release the first beta next week. Here’s everything you need to know about PUBG New State or PUBG Mobile 2.


PUBG: New State for Android PUBG: New State for iOS

PUBG can be said to be the starting game for the popularity of the survival shooter genre – battle royale. Not only with good gameplay, beautiful graphics, PUBG developer is also very active in updating new content so that players will no longer feel bored. And recently, information about PUBG Mobile 2 has been officially revealed.

PUBG: New State release date

Krafton has not revealed the release date of PUBG: New State yet, but many rumors that this information will be released in the next 1 to 2 weeks. will update you as soon as there is an official announcement.

Background game PUBG: New State

PUBG 2 is good PUBG Mobile New State will be set in 2051 and will include a lot of future equipment. Currently PUBG Mobile: New State has been opened for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. App Store users may have to wait a while.

Intro video: PUBG 2: New State

The main feature of PUBG Mobile: New State

  • Surreal graphics, taking the standard of mobile gaming to a new level with Global Illumination technology.
  • Optimized realistic shooting gameplay exclusively for mobile devices.
  • New generation survival gameplay with a series of tools and features, including drones, combat roll … Explore the large open world map 8×8 km by many different vehicles.
  • PUBG’s universe expansion: After the original game, many years have passed, PUBG Mobile 2 returns in 2051. At this point, the anarchy becomes complicated, many clan wars take place. The battle for survival has developed into a new battlefield, with the participation of state-of-the-art technology. That forces players to change, adapt to new tactics to survive to the last minute.
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As of now, if Pre-registration for PUBG Mobile: New StateYou will have the opportunity to permanently receive a limited edition media skin. The time starts from February 25, 2021 until the official release of PUBG Mobile 2.

PUBG 2 New State

How to pre-register PUBG: New State

Now players can Pre-registration of PUBG: New State on Android. According to the announcement on the page, PUBG Mobile 2 for iOS version will also be opened soon after that.

Here are the steps to pre-register PUBG: New State and get free special car skins forever:

  • Go to the PUBG: New State homepage at:
  • Scroll down and you will see pre-registration links for PUBG 2 on Android and iOS.
  • Click the link of the operating system you want to use and it will take you to the respective store page.
  • Click the Pre-Register button.

Configuration of game PUBG Mobile 2 – PUBG: New State:

  • PUBG: New State for Android 6.0 and above, 2GB RAM.
  • PUBG: New State for iSO: Updating

Is PUBG New State free?

The Free-to-play model is a part of PUBG Mobile’s success in the world. Unlike other similar games, PUBG Mobile only offers the purchase of virtual items and accessories. So, most likely PUBG: New State will also be free to play and follow this traditional pattern.

Latest information about PUBG Mobile 2 New State

Similarities between PUBG New State and PUBG Mobile

The main game mode is Battle Royale

A lot of players are afraid that PUBG 2 will be more like a normal shooter, maybe similar to Call of Duty. However, that’s not true of PUBG Mobile 2. PUBG New State was designed as a mortal arena from the very beginning.

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The core gameplay is still battle royale

Both games consist of 100 players on a large map and fight each other until there is only 1 player or team left. Overall, according to preliminary information, currently only other PUBG: New State maps are available. Old PUBG players probably won’t take long to get used to this game.

Similarities between PUBG and PUBG 2 games

The main game mechanics are still the same

All the main elements in the original PUBG and PUBG 2 such as the blue zone, the barrel, the flare gun … are still preserved but designed with new images. The arsenal of PUBG: New State is still as large as the original version. They could be future versions of current PUBG Mobile weapons such as SMG, AR, Shotgun, sniper rifle …

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