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Snake is an almost default game that has been attached to Nokia since these cell phones were just black and white devices. Over time, many other versions of this game were released, but it can be said that no version has been played as much as Slither IO.

Slither IO is a new-style snake game that is very attractive to players recently. There is no black and white screen, tiny, not alone, “snakes” have been upgraded to play online, play on phones, computers, tablets … with large screen sizes. more.

How to play Slither IO

No account required, no phone number, Facebook, all players need is to download to your device or play online with a computer browser. Enter the character name for your snake and play (Play).

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The first impression of this game is the color. The color of the bright spots (the character’s food) and the color of the moving “characters” themselves make those who are still thinking, that Slither IO has the look of a classic snake game. .

And our snake is also cute, funny and much more flexible than the old version. Slither IO’s gameplay is no different or more complicated than in previous versions.

The rules and gameplay of Slither IO are as follows:

  • Move the mouse to control, choose the “go” direction for the snake.
  • Try to eat as many bright spots as possible on the screen to be “big” and longer.
  • The more bright spots you eat, the higher the score, the bigger the snake’s size, the longer it gets.
  • Do not stab another snake.
  • Do not hit the wall.

Those are the basic rules of the Slither IO. To get a high score and stand TOP (scoreboard on the right, corner on the screen), there are some golden rules to remember:


  • Never stab another snake directly.

When playing this game, many people will “think” to win “, but in fact, this is the wrong thinking. Because the decision “alive” is that if a snake stabs its head into the body of another snake, that snake loses. That is, not every louder than you can go “ram” indiscriminately. Be careful and try to trick other players into stabbing yourself.

  • Never squeeze “food” when not enough “process”.

The center of the game (middle part of the map) is the place with the most bright spots, which is also the place with the most “snakes”. Be careful when “foraging” here as you can become food for the larger ones.

One more point, when a snake is “killed”, all the light spots that it ever ate will drop, if lucky “eat” all this place, your snake will grow very fast. However, this is also the time when many other snakes appear, if you deliberately “compete” with them, the possibility of you losing will be very large.

  • Never try to “kill” another snake when you can’t afford it.

Trying to kill and re-eat another snake’s food is the fastest way to gain points, but if you are new to playing, the snake is still small, it should not be used. Because when you try to approach the opponent and find a way for them to stab you, be careful, because you are not alone in that thought.

Slither 3 play 1 - Emergenceingame
Never “fight” with the larger snakes


Still know that the only goal of the game is to eat a lot, grow up quickly. But when you are still just a small, short snake, you should find yourself a quiet place to grow first.

  • Look for food in a safe place.

The safest place is on the edge of the map, there is little food there, but the rate of encountering enemies is also less, please patiently feed here until you feel able to go “pitted” in the area. center.

Slither 4 map - Emergenceingame

  • Larger snakes should be adhere to (if possible).

The larger the size, the slower the movement, which is something you will realize when playing Slither IO. If you have the courage to follow them, you will be safer because other players are often afraid of and afraid of colliding with large ones, moreover, the odds of you “stink” points when it “kills” another snake will also be high than.

Slither 5 map - Emergenceingame

This is a wall, the limit of the game, if you crash here, you will die and have to start over, but this is also a high safe area for new players.

Slither 7 wall - Emergenceingame

  • Should attack smaller or equal snakes

When you feel you have enough power to attack other snakes, start with ones that are equal or smaller because the success rate will be higher.

Slither 8 die - Emergenceingame

Called a skill, but actually this is a way to speed up your snake momentarily in some cases. If you see a few snakes that have a higher movement speed than normal, they are using skill. This method has maximum effect in the escape phase of other snakes or “fight” when a snake is “killed”.

Skills can be performed by:

  • Click and hold the left mouse button (if playing on a computer).
  • Quickly tap the screen twice (if playing on smartphones).

Slither 9 eat - Emergenceingame

  • Should have a reasonable strategy.

Despite being competitive enough, it’s best to prepare yourself for a perfect strategy. Tactics to run when attacked and tactics to attack others. To escape, you can use skills, but to attack, it’s best to circle the prey inside you. Or you can combine both elements for faster destruction.

This is the most important factor not only when playing the game Slither IO but also in any game. Calm to judge the situation and correctly handle the direction in all cases (including when attacked and attacked).

Above are a few tips and tricks to play Slither IO so that you can get high scores. Although the gameplay is quite simple, not everyone plays well and is not ridiculous and Slither IO becomes the most played entertainment game today.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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