GTA Online: Top most expensive weapons and vehicles in the game

GTA Online There are many weapons and vehicles at different prices. Let list the most expensive weapons and means in GTA Online Please!

Top most expensive weapons and vehicles in GTA Online

# 5. Ruiner 2000

The Ruiner 2000 in GTA Online

Arguably this is the most luxurious car of GTA Online. The Ruiner 2000 has some unique features like Parachute and Power Hop skydiving mechanics. Parachute will slow down the vehicle to prevent fatal accidents. Meanwhile, Power Hop threw The Ruiner 2000 into the air and shook it vigorously to increase its already high speed several times.

The Ruiner 2000 is available at Warstock Cache & Carry in GTA Online for $ 5,745,600.

# 4. Luxor Deluxe

The Luxor Deluxe in GTA Online

If you’re planning to invest in vehicles, Luxor Delux may not be the best option for you. This plane is a bit notorious because its features do not match the price tag.

However, if you have enough money, buy it. Expressing your wealth in a super-fast, luxury aircraft with the signature gold bezel unique to Luxor Deluxe couldn’t be more perfect. Luxor Deluxe costs $ 10,000,000.

# 3. Deluxo

The Deluxo in GTA Online

Priced at 4,721,500, the Deluxo is one of the unbelievably expensive vehicles despite its decline in popularity after the launch of the Oppressor MK II. This car is inspired by the DeLorean DMC-12 with a series of unique features.

On the mainland, GTA Online’s Deluxo is just a good car, with smooth controls with a top speed of 110mph. However, it can change. When the player activates the Hoverflyer flight mode, the Deluxo will shake vigorously before flying into the air. You can equip guns, rocket launchers for Deluxo.

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#2. Widowmaker

The Widowmaker in GTA Online

With 9999 ammo and a range of 120 meters, you won’t want to get in trouble with the Widowmaker. It takes about 12 bullets to take down the enemy when using this GTA Online weapon. However, thanks to the high speed, the time to fire 12 bullets only takes about 0.22 seconds.

The Widowmaker is the fastest gun in GTA Online, about 3,000 bullets per minute. It costs $ 449,000.

#first. Unholy Hellbringer

Unholy Hellbringer in GTA Online

This laser gun has a 9,999 ammunition similar to the Widowmaker but does not require a reload. This gun can fire 12 rounds per second and easily destroy any armored vehicle, even a self-propelled rhino tank in seconds. It costs $ 449,000 in GTA Online.

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