Get Primogem for free when logging in to the Genshin Impact event web site in March 2021

Genshin Impact 1.3 Significant changes have been made with new 5-star characters, weapons, events and missions. After giving players Intertwined Fate, Mora, weapon enhancement ore and Character XP in May Fortune Find You, now Genshin Impact has another equally fascinating event.

Sign in to Genshin Impact to receive a free gift

If you want to have Primogem for free when you play Genshin Impact, the fastest way is to join the web event. And the latest event – Daily Check-In is now active that will give you as many items as possible in Genshin Impact.

Bonus login event in Genshin Impact

How to earn daily login rewards in Genshin Impact

These rewards will not be given out when you log into the game but instead go to the event web site.

To log into Mihoyo web, you need to create a second login form for your Genshin Impact account. Once logged into Mihoyo’s web, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to and sign in to your account.
  2. You will automatically receive 100 Primogem and some Mora.
  3. Click the first daily login box to claim your reward.
  4. Bookmark and come back to the site every day for 31 days to get all the possible rewards.

Complete daily login rewards on the Genshin Impact event web

  • The first day – 100 Primogem
  • Day 7 – 20 Primogem
  • Day 14-20 Primogem
  • Day 21-20 Primogem

So in total you will get 160 Primogem when accessing the Genshin Impact event web. This is enough to buy a Fate in exchange for a Wish. In addition, you will also have a chance to receive lots of Mora for free and also EXP items. So, if you’re still trying to upgrade your character Genshin Impact, then join this login event now!

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Upcoming Events in Genshin Impact

Not only May Fortune Find You, Genshin Impact 1.3 also organizes many other events. From 11/02/2021 will begin the story quest: Alatus Chapter & The Origin Of Lanterns. Players will have the opportunity to own many valuable prizes, including Primogem, Mora, material to upgrade weapons and increase XP for the character. It will also mark the start of a new event called Tower Defense. Players can battle with friends during this event and exchange rewards received in Xiao’s store in exchange for weapons, characters, Talent books, Primogem, intellectual crown.

Expected to be more Event log game Genshin Impact more in the future, starting from February 26 with Night Sky Grace: Lantern Rite Gifts. If you are a fan of Genshin Impact, actively participate in these events because they will give you a lot of useful items.

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