How to change the button to play the game Pursuit Mobile

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Mobile Access is the latest mobile shooting game on the market today. Rated as quite difficult to play due to the manipulation requires a combination of both hands (both the movement button and the direction of the shot), but you absolutely can Mobile Access button to suit me and make it easier to play.

With the screen play is divided quite clearly with one side is the movement, high jump, sitting of the character (left), and the other side is the attack options such as shooting, stabbing, throwing grenades. … (right) to be able to do a single kill, players are forced to combine both actions, which is quite difficult for new players, especially when the screen of their device is small , making the wrong click of other option buttons is also quite understandable.

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Adjust the button to play Mobile Pursuit

The play button adjustment Game Mobile Pursuit Not only eliminates redundant buttons, rarely used, but also increases the size of the main operation buttons to make it easier to touch and not be mistaken for other options, thereby helping the game play and experience. more effective.

Step 1: You start the game on your phone and then log in to your account as usual. From the main interface, touch Settings icon (serrated gear) in the upper left corner of the screen.

Main interface

Step 2: Here we have two options: Setting and Knot.


Setting: Allows opening / opening (enabling) status of some features during game play such as Targeting, Voice tactic or Consciousness. Also adjust the crosshair sensitivity when navigating in-game.

Adjust the sensitivity
Adjust settings for available in-game features

As for KnotWe can do a lot with this tweak, even jokingly, we can shoot Mobile Pursuit with … feet.

Button adjustment

For example:

With devices with small screens, mistakenly pressing the backpack (right below the scroll button) is very normal, the writer himself often suffers. So we can move this icon’s position to another, by touching it, hold and pull to a new location.

Adjust transparency

Not only that, if you feel the scroll button is too small with your thumb, you can also touch the button icon and make it bigger by dragging the bar. Button expansion (for stat boosts).

For those who do not like the screen confused by too many optional icons, just touch the icon you want, reduce it all the way. Degree in button (to 0) to blur or hide it is done. If the eye is poor, you can both increase its size and increase the transparency for better visibility.

Adjust size and position
Customize the position, size and clarity of the shot button

Manipulation is complete, you choose to enter Save To finish, now log in to a certain game room and check it out.


This is exactly the reason said Mobile Access is a mobile shooter that is both easy to play and easy to play. Try this method with your device see? Hope it will really work and make you feel more secure.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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