Pretend to borrow a phone and then “run” – Beware of scams at internet shops

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So far, in the community of people net business is no stranger to all kinds of scams and tricks from employees, customers to professional scammers. It cannot be denied that there are more and more sophisticated and methodical tricks that make jobkeepers have to struggle a lot, because just being negligent and not alert enough will immediately receive the “fruit” bitter”.

Recently, on a group for internet business people, information about the object of tricking customers into lending their phones to internet players and then “running far away” to warn other shop owners.​


Specifically, according to information from the shop owner, the subject named Tieu, 26 years old, speaks with a Western accent. After tricking a female customer in the shop to take the phone, the guy escaped, saying he was going back to Saigon. In addition, the owner of the restaurant also provided a picture of this scammer’s personal facebook account so that other shop owners know how to be vigilant.

In fact, this form of phone loan fraud is no longer a rare occurrence or a new trick when many victims due to gullibility have unfortunately encountered similar situations. In this case, the subject who pretends to borrow the phone and then flees may be criminally prosecuted for acts of fraud and appropriation of property according to the provisions of Article 139 of the Penal Code on crimes of fraud and appropriation of property.

“1. A person who, by deceitful tricks, appropriates another person’s property valued between two million dong and under fifty million dong or under two million dong but causes serious consequences or has been administratively sanctioned for for appropriating or having been sentenced for the crime of appropriating property, not yet entitled to criminal record remission, but still commit it, shall be sentenced to non-custodial reform for up to three years or a prison term of between six months and three years.

However, if the offender is a minor, his or her sentence will be reduced. This is specified in “Chapter X: Regulations for juvenile offenders”.

This is also considered as a cautionary lesson for anyone, should be careful before intending to help or lend their belongings and property to others.

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