Dota 2 gamer was exposed by his ex-lover for unpaid money, causing a stir on social media

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“Unmasking” an ex-lover is probably a common story among these young people today and still makes the public stir every time it airs.

Recently, netizens shared the story expose ex-lover of a girl’s facebook account PQA Accordingly, this girl shared that she used to date her boyfriend Facebook account N.D.A, but now the two have broken up for nearly 8 months. The story will not be worth mentioning when during the time of love, D.A borrowed money from her lover many times, a few hundred each time, even bringing QA’s belongings to sell or borrow and keep. And up to now, after nearly 8 months of separation, they still have not returned despite swearing and promising many times.


To the point that QA had to ask for the intervention of the ex-boyfriend’s parents, but they all received a “nothing” denial. She also sympathizes more or less because she thinks that her ex may not have money. But the guy constantly shopped for himself but forgot to pay the debt. And finally, with the promise to pay on October 1, at the same time that day, D.A also blocked his ex-girlfriend on all fronts.


Sharing his story, QA accepted to be “stoned” by netizens hoping to find a high opinion to reclaim the lost money.

“After breaking up, he even vowed to return the date to me. I texted his parents to remind him to pay and everything, and all received the same answers as “you guys play together, aunt and uncle are not related”. I even thought he had no money because he promised me he would pay me on October 1, but on the date of the appointment, he blocked me on all fronts, everyone. He has money to buy his PC, he spends money on figures and things, but I don’t have any money. Now when people call me stupid, I accept it, but people give me some wisdom to get my money back. I know his address, but when I come to tell him, I can’t solve anything because his family keeps saying he doesn’t know anything.”


Posted with the story are pictures showing the guy constantly posting on his personal facebook showing off his shopping, including a 3-fan case set for the last TI8 season. It is also through this image that netizens quickly realized that he is a Dota 2 player.​


The incident continues to be updated, after QA posted the forum old lover On social networks, D.A – the male lead in the story immediately called her “slander” and promised to pay and return the item to his ex-girlfriend in the morning. QA carefully recorded the whole story to avoid being betrayed by the ex again.

Needless to say, the guy in the above story has continuously received a lot of “brick and stone” and how is the total insult after the “unmasking” screen above. It is not known whether the above promise was fulfilled or not, but this is also considered as a lesson for both the girl and the guy in the story, as well as any couple in a love relationship. If there is an unfortunate “break of burden in the middle of the road”, it should also be fair and decisive about money issues to avoid “after all, we will expose each other”.​​

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