The most impressive transformation screens of the main characters in Anime

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first. Bleach


Bankai is like releasing the seal, regardless of the character’s shape or weapon, there are changes. Kurosaki Ichigo has changed from his original orange hair to long straight black hair, if you didn’t watch it from the beginning, viewers certainly wouldn’t recognize this as a person. Not to mention his strength became more and more terrible that not everyone is an opponent.

2. One Piece


How strong is Luffy’s Devil Fruit? At first when he ate the Gomu Gomu fruit, he wondered what he could do, but after understanding all the properties of rubber, Luffy was able to develop new moves such as Gear 2, Gear 3, even Gaear 4, … but the shape of Gear 4 is quite funny, making many people no longer recognize the bright and lively Luffy guy.

3. Hitman Reborn!


Before being discovered by Reborn, Tsunayoshi Sawada was a clumsy, clumsy, unlucky boy who considered himself a failure. But under the training of the assassin Reborn, Tsuna transformed into a strong, mature and calm man.

4. Naruto


Although Naruto later possessed many powerful skills such as the Six Paths or the Nine-Tails, the most impressive thing was when Naruto learned fairy arts. During his battle with Pain, Naruto’s sage state exerted tremendous power, to the point of being able to throw away two Rasenshuriken with tremendous damage.

5. White Demon Night Act


Rikuo is a boy with two bloodlines, half human and half demon. His destiny is to become the ruler of youkai while his dream is to live like a normal person. Rikuo’s image as an ordinary boy and as a tall handsome Nurarihyon are really two completely different realms.

6. Samurai Deeper Kyo


Mibu Kyoshiro with an honest personality has another soul, which is the soul of the cold demon Kyo’s eyes unknowingly. When faced with a battle, Kyo will appear, and normally it will be Mibu. Kyo’s body is sealed in the cold, while his soul is imprisoned in Mibu’s body, with blood red eyes, the goal is to become the strongest person in the world.

7. Attack on Titan


Having witnessed his mother being eaten alive by a Titan, Eren swore to kill all Titans, but somehow he was able to transform into a Titan, even being able to transform directly from a normal human into a Level Titan. 15 biggest. He was once injected by his father with the power of Titan, so compared to normal Titans, he has much stronger fighting power.​

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