10 extremely weird details in the game that you never realize

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From the first days of knowing what games to now until now, we must have witnessed events that have completely changed the way we look at a game. It could be the ending, it could be the joke, it could be some kind of misunderstanding that the vast majority of people have. As a happy memory of all of that, let’s sit down and point out 10 things that make gamers fall in love with surprise in the game world right here.


Samus Aran is a girl

This can be considered the most popular surprise in the history of virtual entertainment. Across the length Metroid, the game does not have an episode, a prologue or a hint about the character’s gender. Therefore, in the context of the 90s when 99% of the main characters were male, gamers automatically assumed that Metroid was too. But until the island was cleared and received the “Good Ending” of the game, the fans were dumbfounded at the scene when Samus Aran did not have an armor on him. Yes, he… is a girl.


Princess in another castle

Yes, do you remember the day that I gave Mario arrived at the first castle, the day when many hopes for the journey to rescue the princess were filled, suddenly the screen showed “Sorry princess in another castle”. And so, so on, so on.. maybe until a few hundred castles throughout the history of the series forever, we still get hit in the face by that saying. Maybe one day Mario should get rid of that pink thing for good.


Atomic bomb in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series always has times that make gamers heartbroken.. Ghost’s sacrifice, Soap’s death and how many people have to die in the global war. However, the first moment that strikes us with surprise and sadness in the Modern Warfare series is the sight of the atomic bomb exploding. As soon as we passed the door of death with bullets flooding the screen, just as we breathed a sigh of relief because we successfully saved the life of the female helicopter pilot in distress .., suddenly on the distant horizon a bright light flashed up. and form a mushroom cloud…


Witnessing the scene of Corporal Paul Jackson dragging after the accident caused by the destructive power of the atomic bomb and witnessing everything around him engulfed in flames before he himself collapsed on the ground.. is the image. forever never forgotten in our mind.

Assassin’s Creed is a sci-fi game

All the images and trailers Ubisoft performed before the official release of Assassin’s Creed bring images of a sunny and windy Middle Ages more than 800 years ago. It gives the impression of a purely classical setting, completely in the direction of realism. However, when gamers step into the first scene in the game, before their eyes suddenly appear a modern era with advanced advanced technologies. And then gradually go deeper into the journey to understand. Why is there a medieval setting in Assassin’s Creed, revealing that this is a true sci-fi game that blends historical setting with fiction elements.


Revan’s True Identity

During 60% of the duration of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, we hear about a guy named Revan, described as this is the most evil image in the game world. Originally a Jedi – the knights protecting justice and peace.. but Revan suddenly turned to the dark side and led troops to ravage everywhere. However, in a mysterious event, Revan suddenly disappeared and was presumed dead.. leaving command of his deputy, Darth Malak.


In the midst of that context, gamers role-playing a completely unknown person, find themselves accidentally dragged into a war between the Jedi organization and the Sith people spread across the planets. Through countless hardships and dangers, your character finds himself developing the ability to control the Force – a very rare thing in an adult. Developing your own strength to the level of transcendence, gamers officially become an important part of the intergalactic war.

But as soon as you build the identity of that character, affirm that this is the person you chose and built throughout the length of the game.. Suddenly Knights of the Old Republic turns 180 degrees and says you are What year did Revan disappear. Well, it turns out that from the beginning of the game we have been playing the role of a Revan – one of the most famous villains of the Star Wars world, who lost his memory due to Jedi brainwashing..

What are we going to do next??? Back to the path of sin?? right back to his person and soul? Or start a new page where Revan will be a good person?


To be continued.[/JUSTIFY]

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