Hac Y Luu Bang alone “weighed” the whole server to support the “pet chicken” to take the Miss VLTK Mobile exam?

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So the Miss contest – the beauty contest for female gamers of VLTK Mobile was held for the first time and officially aired. After 2 days, the “overcrowded and dangerous” landing of thousands of beauties on this playground could not help but surprise many people.

As is known, the method of judging the prize of the contest will be based on the number of Hong Phan Giai Nhan that each contestant receives from other gamers. Accordingly, in round 1, the top character with the highest number of flowers on all servers will have the opportunity to continue to the next round, closer to the finale of Miss VLTK Mobile.


That’s why, even though it’s only been the first day or two, the race to “drop flowers” on the Miss VLTK Mobile chart has taken place extremely fiercely when the difference in average scores can be clearly seen. choose among candidates. Many beauties quickly received thousands of flowers from other gamers.

Revolving around voting candidates with Hong Phan Giai Nhan, many questions arise such as whether the guild or server has more giants “backing” the more chances to win? And also recently, the VLTK Mobile community has passed on pictures of the number of flowers that Hei Yi Liu Bang – the famous tycoon who is leading the top ranking of the battle force of this game – has spent to give the contestant Miss. Specifically, the number of flowers that this giant has given is up to 6,800, the highest in server 4 Hanh Son, and at the same time is also at the top of the list of top flowers for the entire VLTK Mobile server.



At this point, a lot of curiosity is raised, I don’t know if any beautiful woman is fortunate to receive so solid support from the giant Hei Y Luu Bang? Coincidentally, the girl who is leading the chart in this beauty race is also a female gamer from server 4 Hanh Son with the number of flowers donated so far is more than 6,800 flowers. This makes many people speculate that this is the “pet chicken” that the giant Hei Y Luu Bang is doing his best to support.


According to the information shared, this girl ingame is Tieu Chau, from Than Thanh state – server 4. In the registration section, she shared that the purpose of participating in the contest was to show her passion for the game. with the game VLTK Mobile and want to bring glory to server 4 as well as myself. However, it is all just speculation, whether Tieu Chau is really the “pet chicken” of Hei Y Luu Bang or not has not been confirmed.

Looking at the Miss rankings, it can be seen that the difference in votes between the top contestants is not too different. Moreover, the warm-up lap race has more than a dozen days to officially close, so these numbers still can’t say anything. All surprises remain a mystery until the very last moment.


Miss VLTK Mobile was held for the first time with a total prize of more than 1 billion VND and many attractive side prizes. This is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity for female gamers participating in this contest to have the opportunity to shine with their beauty and talent, a memorable memory of youth living to the fullest. with passion. Round 1 of the contest will take place from August 8 to August 21, 2018, so why not hurry up and register to join this 1-0-2 playground because maybe you will be the winner.

More information about the contest can be found at: http://vltkm.zing.vn/su-kien/miss-vo-lam-truyen-ky-mobile/phan-thuong.html

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Homepage VLTK Mobile: http://vltkm.zing.vn/
Download the game: https://go.onelink.me/Cvd7/3b2760fd
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