Will Thor get his eye back in Avengers Infinity War?

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If you’ve watched Thor: Ragnarok Readers must already know the events that made Thor lost his eye, giving him an image like a father Odin. Along with short hair, Thor soon put on the mantle of a seasoned warrior who once stormed the battlefield. But the loss of an eye still makes many people feel unfamiliar with the new Thor image, somewhat making fans miss the previous image. However, the latest poster of the blockbuster Avengers Infinity War suggested that Thor could regain some of his old form.


Accordingly, in the latest poster of Avengers Infinity War in Japan, fans suddenly discovered two very interesting points. Accordingly, this poster shows that Thanos first appeared with the Infinity Gauntlet with all 6 Infinity Stones, while the Thunder God Thor suddenly appeared with full two eyes. This makes fans make predictions that it is most likely after successfully casting the hammer Stormbreaker, Thor has “healed” in some way. Is it the Stormbreaker’s new power that allows Thor to restore his lost eye?


In the story, Stormbreaker was born similar to Mjonir but was given to him by Odin Beta Ray Bill – a warrior from the Burning Galaxy that was destroyed by Surfur. Escaping from here and hoping to find a new home, the Korbinites decided to create a powerful entity called Beta Ray Bill. Its mission is to protect the fleet while the Korbinites go into hibernation. But on the journey, this fleet was suddenly intercepted by the Surfur army.

After trying to escape, the Korbinite fleet accidentally approached Earth and was discovered by SHIELD’s satellite. Thor immediately flew to investigate and came face to face with Beta Ray Bill. The duel between the two warriors caused Thor to drop his hammer Mjonir and severely damage the fleet, sending it crashing to the surface of the Earth. Faced with the scene of the ship crashing and threatening to destroy the entire Korbinite species, Beta Ray Bill suddenly lifted the hammer Mjonir and transformed into the God of Thunder.


At the same time, Odin decided to call Thor back to Asgard after realizing the threat posed by Surfur. But instead of seeing his son return, Odin unexpectedly witnesses Beta Ray Bill appear in his hometown. Realizing the misunderstanding and seeing Beta Ray Bill as worthy of no less than Thor, Odin ordered Nidavellir to cast more Stormbreaker hammer.

In Thor: Ragnarok, viewers can also see a statue depicting Beta Ray Bill as one of the champions who have won the arena of The Grandmaster. Although there is a high probability that Beta Ray Bill will not appear in the MCU, the Stormbreaker hammer can completely act on his behalf.​

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