Pope Francis: Instructions on how to review the history of matches

Lịch sử đấu ĐTCL

In the Arena of Truth (TCL), there are times when we want to review information about the matches, from which to draw experiences and strategies for the future.. In this article, Download.vn will guide you on some ways to review the match history from general to detailed in the CCP.

The history of the match of the Vietnamese Empire

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Instructions on how to review the history of matches in the CCP

View match history in the game window LOL

The first and easiest way to review the match information is to see it in the game window. The advantage of this approach is to view it very quickly, but it is not possible to view specific match information, players, stats, equipment …

At the main screen, you press the button File.


Continue to select the tab Match history -> The arena of truth.

Match history

The system will list all the recent matches for you in the list that appears.

See match history with Blitz

Blitz is an online piece of software created to track player stats in League of Legends, and of course, the Arena of Truth. The process of installing and using Blitz is a bit more complicated than the above method, but players can see all very detailed and specific match information.

First, download and install Blitz:

Download Blitz for Windows

Once uploaded, open Blitz and enter your Email in the box to register for an account.


An email will be sent to your inbox. Open mail and check mail from Blitz system. Press the button Verify Email in the mail to confirm your account.

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After confirming, you reopen the Blitz window. At this point, please fill out the information in the box and press the button tiếp tục to complete the registration.

  • Username: Name your Blitz account.
  • Date of Birth: Date of birth.
  • Country: Nation.

After successful registration. You can use the full functionality of the software. For now, let’s open up League of Legends and reopen Blitz again. Blitz will automatically recognize your LOL account and add it to the system. From now on, each player’s match will be saved in Blitz (remember to open the software). To check your matches in the World Cup, click on the little arrow next to your name and select Teamfight Tatics. Blitz will display detailed information about the matches that have taken place.

Teamfight Tatics

Wish you all success!

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