Among Us: How to complete the Calibrate Distributor task

Cách hoàn thành nhiệm vụ Calibrate Distributor trong Among Us

Among Us from an anonymous game, after 2 years, suddenly “flashed” to become a Multiplayer game that is most experienced by streamers today thanks to its unique gameplay. If you are playing Among Us, you will definitely have to experience the Calibrate Distributor mission.

How to complete the Calibrate Distributor task in Among Us

According to many players, this is quite a difficult task. So how to complete Calibrate Distributor. Let’s find out with!

What is Calibrate Distributor in Among Us?

Calibrate Distributor – Power coupling is a task that is randomly assigned to astronauts or when they take each assigned one at a time. Among Us includes 3 different types of tasks: Short Tasks – Short Tasks, Common Tasks – Normal Tasks and Long Tasks – Long Tasks.

Game creators can decide the number of each type of task to perform, usually from 1 or 2 short quests. Therefore, it is highly likely that you will encounter a Calibrate Distributor mission while playing Among Us.

How to complete the Calibrate Distributor task in Among Us

This is a short task and the process of doing it is simple. However, the main problem that most players have is navigating correctly to the room in order to complete it. Here it is How to perform the Calibrate Distributor task quickly and effectively in Among Us.

After going into a match as an astronaut. All your work is listed in the top left corner of the screen. If you see a Calibrate Distributor, do the following:

The task of tuning a power splitter in Among Us

Tap the map in the top right corner of the screen.

Complete your mission in Among Us

You will see an exclamation point ! in the area Electrical. Move the character to that room.

Go to the electric room in Among Us

Note: Among Us often change objects around this area for maximum gaming experience. You can always verify the position to execute the task at the top left corner of the screen. Each mission has a format Location: Mission name. That makes it easy to find the location of any job on the map.

Go to the top right corner of the room and press the button Use in the bottom right corner of the screen when it lights up.

Click on a warning sign in the room Among Us

Tips: You must interact with the box of Hazardous lightning in the golden triangle.

Now you need to solve a color puzzle. Here there are 3 circles numbered 1, 2, 3 inside. Next to each circle is an empty bar, inside there is a bit of the same color as the circle with them.

Among Us has the energy bar charged

Below this bar is a rectangular button. You have to press this button. Each time, the rotating marker touches the junction point as shown below:

Click the colorful fill button in Among Us

Press the exact button repeatedly, and the color bar fills up around your 3rd or 4th press.

Now repeat the above steps for all remaining bars.

Note: If the 2nd or 3rd circle marker is missing, you have to start over. Be extremely focused while doing this task.

After filling 3 bars with color, you’ve completed a Calibrate Distributor in Among Us. At this point, you will see a validation message like this:

Complete the task of successfully electric pairing in Among Us

The above is How to conquer the Calibrate Distributor mission when playing Among Us. Hope the article is useful to you.

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