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This year’s best video game might be Paperclips, a browser-based clicker game that explores the dangers of artificial intelligence. It’s like Farmville, but instead of growing vegetables, you’re making paper clips. After a period of play, gradually you buy labor and invest, AI will automatically produce paper clips for you.

This may seem like a very simple game, but if you make one step wrong, you could slow down the game significantly or even get stuck. So here are some tips that will help you get to your destination successfully.

1. Focus on memory improvements first

The paperclips are pretty straightforward to start with. You are an AI responsible for paperclip creation and you can do so by clicking repeatedly on the button Make Paperclip (Create paper clips). But as the operation increases, you can automate the process, and the paper clips start to be generated automatically.

Paperclips Tips Memory - Emergenceingame

Make enough paper clips and your operator will reward you “Trust“you can swap them for the processor – the processor (the speed at which you build the operation) or the memory – memory (your maximum activity level). You should be patient to keep them balanced but you are.” should focus on memory, at least at first.

Adding more memory is key to unlocking projects, which will speed up paper clip production along with more sophisticated innovations in the future. With 70 memory, you can free up a group of Hypnodrones to increase your paper clip needs. Don’t stop there, though, because you’ll need more memory to expand into outer space for finding more material to create more paper clips.

Once you reach 250 memory, you can move on, but you’ll never need more memory than that. So the conversion focuses on the processor at that point.

2. How Quantum Computing works?

You will unlock it Quantum Computing Pretty early, but the game doesn’t explain how it works.

Quantum Computing

In Paperclips, Quantum Computing allows you to boost production and even temporarily exceed memory limits. It’s especially useful if you haven’t been able to unlock a big new upgrade yet and don’t want to wait for more Trust.

To take advantage of this feature, wait until all the gray and black boxes in the Quantum Computing box are gone and then come back all at once. When that happens, click the button Compute and keep clicking on it until the number drops to as close to zero as possible.

3. How do I get Honor?

Honor was the last ingredient introduced in the game, long after your focus on paperclip making was brought to unbelievable levels. Once you set the spacecraft launch level, you’ll see a new prompt on the dashboard asking Honor to unlock certain upgrades. So how do I get it?

How do I get Honor?

Just expand your space exploration fleet and finally a new box will appear where you will see black and white dots colliding and fighting. That’s how you get Honor.

You will want to keep increasing your fleet so it can defeat the enemy. However, you will get more Honor by completing other projects, so focus on the project and you will get the game done in no time.

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