Pope Francis season 4: Guiding how to play the Soul – Ghost formation

Truth arena season 4 – Along Download.vn learn about the strength, how to play as well as how to equip the combined lineup Soul – Ghosts.

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Pope Francis season 4: Guiding how to play the Soul – Ghost formation

Formation strength

  • The spectre: On every 3rd attack, Specter deals bonus magic damage on-hit.
  • soul: All allies will gain attack speed based on% of soul hero‘s mana when using the skill for the first time.

After reading about the abilities of these two clans, it is easy to understand why they are combined. When buffed by Souls, Phantom champions will have a very high attack speed, thereby dealing a sizable amount of magic damage. In addition, the Specter Generals all have the passive ability to jump to the back of the enemy team like assassins, so they will finish off the enemy team’s main forces very quickly. However, this is a fairly difficult team to play and get the top 1 if you don’t have enough champions or enough equipment. The most obvious weakness is the extremely weak health and resistance. In addition, not having any control skills in the lineup will make the opponent comfortably use the skills, especially for the mages.

How to play and organize your squad

The champions in the standard lineup include:

  • Semi tank: Kindred.
  • Damage: Zed, Evelynn, Kayn, Ahri.
  • Support: Zilean (or Janna), Yuumi, Temmo.

Although there is no main tank in the lineup, if you get it right and have enough equipment, you will also finish off the opponent very quickly. Not to mention that having Yuumi and Zilean (Janna) in the team will make the other champions a lot stronger.

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How to dress

Still focusing on equipment Zed and Evelyyn (or Ahri as you like). Other equipment can be reserved for Kayn.

  • Zed: Cannon Barrage, Gauze, Mercury Cloak or Angel Armor.
  • Evelynn: Equip magic.
  • Ahri: Equip magic.

Alternatively, you can also attach magic gear Kindred If this general can get 3 stars soon, that’s fine too.

I wish you success with the Soul – Ghost formation!

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