How to challenge others in Dream League Soccer 2016

If we talk about sports games in general, football games in particular, we can’t help but mention some famous titles like FIFA 9, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 or Dream League Soccer 2016 – a game in the form of football management. newly developed on new smartphone devices.

The difference can be seen most clearly in this game is the extreme graphics and excellent sound, playing smoothly on all devices, compatible with many different operating systems and especially Dream League feature. Online (means searching and kicking with others).

In addition to automatic competition with machines, Dream League Soccer 2016 also has a feature that allows players to compete directly with each other via an Internet connection. This is a feature that most football games on the phone today do not have much. In particular, if you and your friends share the same passion with a “ball ball”, Dream League Soccer 2016’s play with others will be an opportunity for everyone to exchange and pitted against each other after hours. work stress.

Challenge real people in Dream League Soccer game

Guide to connect to play two people in Dream League Soccer game


To be able to play with real people in Dream League Soccer game, players need to meet the following conditions:

  • Both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Both must access the game (Multipeer) to connect to find the other.
  • Can connect via Bluetooth, but for quality assurance it’s best to use the network WIFI.

Install to play against others in Dream League Soccer gameHow to play with others in the game Dream League Soccer

After ensuring the above conditions, we proceed to connect the device as follows:


The following steps should be performed on both devices.

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Step 1: From the main interface of Dream League Soccer 2016, you touch the item Multiplayer.


Step 2: Continue to select Multipeer.

A message appears, click OK to close.

okWelcome announcement to the Dream League Online tournament

Step 3: At this step we can do it on any one machine, but the other machine doesn’t need it.

Go to Game Center

Step 4: An interface appears asking login to Game Center (must be used Apple ID account).

Step 5: After the login is complete, the device will automatically scan to identify nearby devices that are online.

Search for players in the game Dream League Soccer

Step 6: After the list of players is displayed, if you want to “challenge” anyone, just click on the section Connecting with that person.

Choose the same player in the game Dream League Soccer

Select players to compete with in Dream League Soccer game

Or, if the friend finds and connects with you first, a message will appear asking if you agree with them? Choose Decline to deny, Accept to accept the invitation to play.


Step 7: Lineup list, player stats, shirt colors and match conditions are displayed. Click the item Play blue (bottom right corner of the interface) to start playing. Or you can see the Customize player article in Dream League Soccer to make your players more impressive.

Because they are connected, if one of the two starts first, they will have to wait for the other to agree or perform the same action to enter.

From this step, the display screens of the two devices will be identical, so only when both agree and perform the same operation can the play of Dream League Soccer online begin.

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Step 8: Squad.

Competition chart

The game begins! About how to play, surely will not repeat again, but if you do not remember, you can review at the post guide to play Dream League Soccer for beginners to learn.

Player match screen 1

Screen image of 2 devices with one red team operator (top photo) and one white team operator (bottom image).

Fighting in the game Dream League Soccer

On the top left corner of the game interface is Pause icon to pause a game when either of them has an urgent or no longer play.

Play two people in Dream League Soccer game

A special point:

  • When clicking on Pause, no matter whether the other player agrees or not, the match display of both devices will stop as shown.
  • But to re-play, forcing both of them to touch the Resume item, the match can continue.

This is a pretty good feature to ensure safety and fairness in the game.

In the opinion of the writer, Dream League Soccer 2016 is a pretty good game, however, it is possible to filter out a few pros and cons as follows:

Advantages of Dream League Soccer 2016:

  • Design advantages: Beautiful image, good sound, vivid …
  • Works well, runs smoothly on many different operating systems and devices.
  • Quite easy to play, does not require many skills or difficult combinations, suitable for many people.
  • Many handy features, or (change camera angle, music, slow down dangerous football, record match …).

Kick with real people in Dream League Soccer game

First-person play screen

Cons of Dream League Soccer 2016:

  • For devices with a small design screen (iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s …), manipulating the screen sometimes obscures the image, affecting the game play process.
  • The adjustment of the direction of the shot, movement, and passing of the ball is not really good, new players will find it very difficult to direct the shot, pass the ball.
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Play with real people in Dream League Soccer game
Screen play of the second person

How to restart the season in the game Dream League Soccer

One of the biggest inconveniences or differences of Dream League Soccer compared to other titles is tournament play. This game is not divided into seasons, but players will automatically be scheduled a match with random opponents. For each match, they will receive a corresponding amount of gold. And if you want to play again, restarting the “bad” season then touch Restart / Yes Let the device reset the data and create a new season for players to join.

Restart Dream League Soccer season

If you can experience this game on an iPad or devices with a large screen, Dream League Soccer 2016 will definitely be a game that cannot be ignored and is no less attractive than a soccer game on your computer or with other controllers. .

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