List of complete Pokemon Starter by generation

For most Pokemon players, the pick Pokemon BeginsPokemon Starter very important. They have been associated with many generations of fans of this famous monster hunting game. Let review the entire list Pokemon Starter by each generation!

List of complete Pokemon Starter by generation

Pokemon Starter Gen 1 (Red / Blue / Yellow)

Pokemon starting Gen 1

Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle – 3 typical Pokemon that not only played an important role in the game’s content, but also with Ash’s success in the popular animated Pokemon series. You can only own one of them. This starter Pokemon doesn’t appear in the wild. Therefore, you will begin your adventure with an important decision. It will shape your main gameplay.

Unlike other generations, Pokemon starting Generation 1 can all evolve during the course of you training red and blue Pokemon.

  • Charmander has difficulty in the initial practice room but will gain great strength after evolving.
  • Squirtle dominates gyms and is a great spin option at the end of the game but is overwhelmed by water-type Pokemon before evolving into Blastoise.
  • Bulbasaur is clearly the best in the group, has the ability to deal with many of the top gym opponents, and has a good technique to get you through the early game with ease. However, this Pokemon is not a competitor to the Ice-and Dragon-type Pokemon of the Elite Four.

Pokemon Starter Gen 2 (Gold / Silver / Crystal)

Pokemon 2 Beginnings

These are dual-type Pokemon, meaning they have the strengths and weaknesses of two different types of Pokemon. The Dual Pokemon system brought depth and diversity into the war, taking it far beyond the Pokemon Gen 1’s unlucky mechanics. However, strangely, none of the Pokemon in Gen 2 were of a dual type.

  • Cyndaquil is pure fire.
  • The Totodile is the water system.
  • Chikorita is a grass system.
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This proves that they have fewer weaknesses than dual-type Pokemon, but also less potential for development. In it, Chikorita is considered the worst start in Pokemon game history due to changes in the way it works.

Pokemon Starter Gen 3 (Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald)

Third-generation starter Pokemon

Pokemon Starter Gen 3 is a great starter Pokemon choice. Torchic and Mudkip both have the ability to evolve well from start to finish. Their strength is similar.

Mudkip has less weaknesses and slightly better stats than Torchic. Mudkip is also much stronger in Emerald due to the champion’s use of water-type moves, which is a weakness of Torchic.

Treecko is the only Pokemon one of the three starter Pokemon of Gen 3. Even after its evolution, it is still entirely grass-based, so its ability is limited. However, it’s not a bad starter Pokemon.

Pokemon Starter Gen 4 (Diamond / Pearl)

Pokemon 4th Generation Begins

Like Generation 3, Diamond and Pearl give you 2 excellent starter Pokemon and a weak pick.

Turtwig was the first great grass starter Pokemon after Bulbasaur. Thanks to his good power and high defense, Turtwig is an elite tanker. It is a bit slow, but is compensated by a set of moves with “huge” damage.

Chimchar is always in the top Pokemon with the best start. Basically, it is in contrast to Turtiwig, Chimchar has a “great” defense stat but its speed is normal. As it evolved, Chimchar became a fire / combat type Pokemon – a strong damage combo with few weaknesses

Pilup was originally a water-type Pokemon but would eventually evolve into a steel-type. Its biggest weaknesses are speed and lack of outstanding compensation.

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Pokemon Starter Gen 5 (Black / White)

Pokemon 5th Generation Begins

In addition to the new Unova region, Black & White gives us 156 new Pokemon (the current biggest Pokedex update), seasons, match 3 and spin along with a compelling story of maturity. Generation 5 starter Pokemon is considered the best in the game. However, it also has some really bad starting Pokemon options.

Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott are almost identical copies of previous generations. Snivy belongs to a simple grass system that has never been able to fly. The Oshawott water system is worst of all – slow, low health. Even Tepig is boring and derivative of other Pokemon.

Pokemon Starter Gen 6 (X / Y)

Pokemon 6th Generation Begins

Generation 6 starter Pokemon are not given to you by professors, but by gifts from friends.

Chespin, a grass-type Pokemon eventually evolved into a grass / combat combo, a normal ‘weapon’ of physical damage. However, it has excellent defense, great attack, high HP.

Fennekin belongs to the fire system and evolved into the fire / psychic system. It is strong in attack and defense, but not good at physical damage.

Froakie is the favorite Pokemon of this generation. Speed ​​is its outstanding advantage. Combined with average combat ability makes Froakie a grass “cannon” – hit hard but not high damage.

Pokemon Starter Gen 7 (Sun / Moon)

7th Generation Pokemon Begins

7th Generation starter Pokemon are not appreciated and have the most controversy on forums about their strength.

Rowlet is a grass / fly-type with good stats, making it a great pick against water and grass-type Pokemon in the early game. As it evolved into Decidueye, it could learn Ghost’s moves.

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Litten has a low strength stat. When it evolved into the Incinerorar, it was noticed for its outstanding support ability.

Popplio doesn’t start off well, but as it evolves it becomes the choice with the highest defensive and special attack power.

Pokemon Starter Gen 8 (Sword / Shield)

Pokemon get started in the 8th generation

Eighth Generation Starter Pokemon has been completely modernized, revamped, bringing a true single-player Pokemon experience to home consoles for the first time.

Grookey is the equivalent of Chimchar’s grass – fast and powerful with the highest attack stats of all starter Pokemon. It also benefits from the Grassy Surge stealth feature, which restores 1/16 Grookey’s maximum HP per turn. Grookey shines in his utility role thanks to moves like Drum Beating that make opponents move more slowly.

Scorbunny is one of the fastest starter Pokemon in evolution and strength similar to Froakie. Despite having a strong attack stat, Scorbunny and its evolution have limited physical attack range. With this hidden ability, Libero turns all of Scorbunny’s attacks into STABs.

Sobble is a Pokemon with good speed and special attack that ranks second in the starter Pokemon list. However, it does have a speed limitation in its early stages. Its STAB attack is excellent but is limited by water-type moves. Even a stealth feature like Sniper – sniping can’t save Sobble – it increases the effect of critical hits, but only works with Snipe Shot.

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