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LIVE Journey to the WestIt’s not difficult for me to get stronger, but it’s also not easy because there are too many options for gamers to make. The following sharing will be small revelations, helping each West Journey to Chi Lo gamer to cultivate and mature while enhancing the strength of the character.

Be a wise investor before making yourself strong, because financial resources will be the premise for power. The wealth in Journey to the West is just a way to accumulate Gold online as well as receive most of the gifts from the system’s reward programs, events or incentives from NPH.

Gamers should choose smart investments before making themselves stronger

For example, every day gamers can receive Gold when online continuously (up to 1,200 Gold per day/character), Gold locked from plowing activities, from preferential codes, etc. In addition, participate in most activities Game action can receive a certain amount of Gold. The more Gold, the more favorable the character in improving his strength.

Accumulating as much Gold not only makes the character richer but also a “catalyst” to make the character stronger. For example, it is possible to use Gold (288 Gold) to summon a companion Red Child (level Blue) to increase the player’s damage to the boss by 10%, helping the player quickly finish the battle to receive rewards, save money. quite a lot of time. Or use Gold to invest in the newly returned investment, and at the same time upgrade to the VIP level, in addition, you will also receive 2 extremely rare gifts that are level 1 mount and wings.

Companionship is an indispensable element for character strengthening

A simple advice for every gamer is to make full use of all the sources of character power-ups from upgrading companions, opening Dao Spirit or Practicing Five Elements, magic formations, etc. All operations This, more or less, will bring strength to the character. Like getting a title or playing a game on 36Game Plus or leveling up a mount (which is easy to get to level 6) will also bring a huge amount of combat power.

Advance the magic formation to increase combat power

There is a type of activity that most clearly shows the main character’s strength is equipment enhancement, stone inlay, equipment quality improvement. Each time these operations are performed, the character’s combat power index “jumps” very high. In addition, the collection of companions also contributes to increasing auxiliary skills for characters such as Tu Ha’s skill, which increases experience by 30% when the character successfully kills monsters. Or participate in a copy of the magic continent to collect stones to increase the quality of equipment, hang up the Dao Spirit leveling machine, … also contribute to increasing the strength of the character.

Inlaid with stones is one of the ways to strengthen the character a lot

When you become a person who knows how to invest both effectively and strongly, of course the skills as well as the level of PK also reach a certain extent. People who respect and envy are certainly many, however, the higher the level of competition between players, the more it proves that the game has a certain attraction. In Journey to the West Chi Lo, players not only have the opportunity to perfect their skills but also freely experience a ghostly, new, and disruptive world of the Journey to the West.

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