The costume of the female Amazon warrior in Justice League is controversial because it is too revealing

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Considered as the film that gathers the most superheroes in the cinematic universe DC, Justice League Since the beginning of filming, it has attracted a lot of attention from the audience who love superhero movies. Currently, when the film has been officially released, netizens, after going to the cinema to watch it, are constantly talking about this movie with great enthusiasm. In it, many people pay attention to the costumes of Amazon female warriors on Paradise Island (Themyscira land). They think that these outfits are becoming more and more sexy. Even the famous Hollywood actress – Jessica Chastain also publicly commented that she was dissatisfied with the costumes of the Amazon warriors.


The story stems from a twitter account named Melissa Silverstein posting two pictures comparing the costumes of the female Amazon warriors in the movie. Wonder Woman and Justice League. She thinks this is the difference between male and female directors. Looking at the two photos, we can see the Amazon warrior’s costume in Wonder Woman brave but still discreet enough, suitable. Come to Justice League, their costumes turned into versions that are no different from bikinis in a more sturdy state. Many people also think that these costumes are too revealing, not suitable for the battle scene, but it also makes the film an accompaniment to the invasion of the female body.


For the matter, however, actress Samantha Jo, who plays the female warrior in Justice League, defends the new outfit. She believes that the Amazons living on Paradise Island are isolated from the outside world, so they can comfortably wear any outfit even if it doesn’t fit everyone’s standards. In addition, there are many battle scenes in the movie, if wearing too complicated armor becomes an obstacle.

Actress Jessica Chastain had to speak out because she was so dissatisfied

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