Gamers build their own robots to plow blood-sucking games

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Star Wars Battlefront II – game title FPS has just launched under the hands of EA and DICE, is receiving a wave of backlash from the community. Not only the real money exchange system (now temporarily removed), the game is also notorious for content that requires a huge amount of in-game money to unlock. But the difficulty reveals the wisdom and nothing can stop gamers from touching what they want.


Well that’s also the story of Lowberg – the gamer has just used a unique way to earn huge in-game money from Battlefront 2. Accordingly, he built a robot that is programmed to control the controller. , which allows the character to enter the match without being AFK and kicked out of the match.


In fact, the robot with this part consisting of 2 discarded ice cream sticks has a single task of occasionally touching the move lever or pressing a certain button on the handle. This allows it to fool the system as the character still makes movements in the level. With it, Lowberg was able to amass huge amounts of in-game money and unlock hundreds of in-game crates.


Surely, after seeing this invention with this super-cosmic sophistication of gamers, the bloodsuckers at EA will have to cry under blankets. Readers can see the Full Clip of the capabilities of this “advanced” Robot here:

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