Steppenwolf – Who is the great villain in the movie Justice League?

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Blockbuster movie Justice League is ravaging cinemas with crazy heat.. Not only is it meaningful in terms of scale, but it’s also a historical mark when Justice League first appeared on the live-action screen. But perhaps because it was the first time, the film still brought many surprises to the community.. typically the great villain. Steppenwolf. Unlike the famous Joker, Lex Luthor or Ares in DC, Steppenwolf is still considered underdog in terms of reputation. However, few people know, this great villain in terms of power and strength, will be ready to sweep the whole galaxy if it feels necessary. Therefore, to understand the power of this great evil, readers, let’s join Emergenceingame.Com to find out his background right here.



Steppenwolf carries in him the blood of the New Gods, an extremely powerful cosmic species living in a place called the Fourth World. Here exist two planets with opposite colors: one is the peaceful and prosperous New Genesis… the other is the dark and stormy Apokolips. Steppenwolf was born on the second planet. As the uncle of Darkseid – the ruler of the planet Apokolips, Steppenwolf holds a position below one man but over ten thousand. He commanded Darkseid’s army to conquer many planets.. even attack other dimensions to expand Apokolips’ power.

When the army attacked several Earth-2s, the main Steppenwolf is the one who killed the duo with his own hands Superman and Wonder Woman in this world. In the end, main Batman must sacrifice his life to stop the power of Steppenwolf as well as the mighty army under his hand.



Killing Superman and Wonder Woman with his own hands on Earth-2 while making Batman sacrifice his life to save humanity.. Steppenwolf must make the reader wonder how he can be so powerful. Actually coming from the New Gods race is the answer. Fourth World – inhabited by New Gods.. is located very close to “The Source” – the source of energy believed to be the reason for creating life in the universe. Therefore, the New Gods race can evolve to unimaginable levels in both intellectual, technological and physical aspects. With a brilliant tactical mind and seasoned battlefield experience, Steppenwolf has become even more outstanding among his kind.


In terms of his own strength, Steppenwolf is a near-immortal with insane physical strength, endurance, and speed. He often commanded a task force riding a giant war dog into battle and won for decades to come. Steppenwolf’s favorite weapon is the terrorist Electric Ax with insane destructive power. However, in a few cases we also see him wielding a sword in battle. At the same time, this vizier is also a master in melee skills and the first survivor of Doomsday’s power when this monster appeared on the planet Bylan 5. It was also in this event that Steppenwolf saved Darkseid’s life – still a shock at the time.

It is because of such a terrorist origin that it is easy to understand why Justice League find it extremely difficult to cope with Steppenwolf. Simply because he is not an ordinary enemy.. He is a god in the universe.


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