Cosplay Chun-Li during livestream, female streamer was “banned” by Twitch

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According to the Kotaku site, recently a streamer named Quqco there have been Twitch “banned” after character cosplay Chun-Li in Street Fighter. It is known that Quqco is a small streamer, she often live stream Redraw your favorite game series. During his livestream yesterday, Quqco wore a blue suit with two buns that featured this character. Soon after, she received a notice of a 3-day ban for sexually suggestive activities or content. It seems this is because the thigh slit in her clothes is too high.​


In an email to Kotaku, Quqco shared that he was very interested in the outfit:


According to female streamers, Twitch’s policies with sensitive content have always been vague, the livestream rules stipulate that streamers “are strictly forbidden to wear provocative or revealing clothing”, Twitch recommends streamers clothing appropriate for public places, such as streetwear, squares or cafeterias.​


Before that, Quqco had an account banned by Twitch when cosplaying Mai Shiranui in The King of Fighters. Quqco then shared on her Twitter that she had been reported by the popular subreddit Livestreamfail. She believes her recent ban is also because she was targeted by a group for mass reporting. She was reported immediately while absolutely no chat activities like squatting or dancing while streaming. Quqco believes that there are certainly many people facing the same difficulties as her, all because a group of people are gathering and reporting streamers.​

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