People say the North loves Shaolin, the South respects Wudang, but this is the most dominant faction in martial arts

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Indeed, if Pepper knife The sect opened its doors to accept disciples as quickly as any other sect in the martial arts, lest soon, Shaolin or Wudang would also have to fall behind this particular sect!

Tieu Dao Tu, Anonymous Than Tang, Truong Tam Phong, Doc Co Cau Bai confront, who will win?

The first prerequisite when entering Tieu Dao’s class is quite different from the other factions, that is to be beautiful! In the south, the style is like a jade tree in the forest, majestic and majestic. Females must be in the form of pure, beautiful, and naked beauty. With the same standard of appearance as this “Miss and Male King” contest, many boys and girls have to stop in front of Tieu Dao’s door.

Ly Thu Thuy, Vo Nhai Tu are both young men and women from Tieu Dao Phai

However, that is only a necessary condition, a sufficient condition to become a disciple of Tieu Dao, must have an innate talent in martial arts, be more basic than people, and be intelligent enough to be able to fully accept the school’s education. Master Tieu Dao Tu. With these two prerequisites, the Tieu Dao disciples count on their fingers. However, that rigor is necessary, because the martial arts of the Tieu Dao sect can be said to be the most powerful in the Gypsy. If these wonderful martial arts are widely circulated and spread across the world, I am afraid that martial arts will fall into great chaos.

Doan Du and Hu Truc can call Tieu Dao’s “collected” disciples thanks to the grace to learn martial arts of this sect.

Just look at the few disciples of the Tieu Dao sect, everyone is a hegemon of one direction or a lord of a sect, at worst they can also set up their own sect. The old monster Tinh Tu was also a one-way hegemony, even though he had not fully understood the true inheritance from his master. Tinh Tu old monster Dinh Xuan Thu is the most “famous” student of Tieu Dao. His unique body of earth-shattering gong is just a “little shell” learned from his master, and the true secrets he has not yet been imparted. Even so, he still leisurely roamed around the world, establishing Tinh Tuc sect hegemony in one direction.

The elder brother of Dinh Xuan Thu – Lung A old man – even though he spent his whole life pursuing the painting exam, neglecting to practice martial arts, how many characters in the martial arts dared to look down on the head of the Lung A sect? Thien Son Dong Mo and Linh Thuu Cung on the top of Phieu Mieu are also the nightmares of martial arts groups for many years, with the unique and poisonous Sinh Tu Phu leaves. Ly Thu Thuy – Dong Mo’s sister is no less competitive, when one hand founded Tay Ha Nhat Pham Duong – gathered countless martial arts masters under his command.

Murong Phuc was beaten by Dinh Xuan Thu for “many things, like to show” …

The reason why the Tieu Dao sect can easily run without an opponent is because the martial arts of this sect can be said to be at the top of the world, because of its dangerous, dangerous and mysterious nature. Specifically, the light martial arts of Tieu Dao sect is Lang Ba Vi Bo – the first light martial art in the world, moving as fast as the blink of an eye. Doan Du from a student who tied a chicken was not tight, but thanks to his “love” with this martial arts set, his foundation was intelligent, so he immediately understood Lang Ba Vi Bo in less than a day, thanks to which he threw Hoang Gypsy is not afraid of any master.

Not only Lang Ba Vi Bo, Bac Minh Than Cong of the Tieu Dao sect also belongs to the type of superlative and extremely powerful mind dharma. When using this martial art, the user will easily absorb the opponent’s internal force, turning it into his own internal force.

Thien Son Dong Lao

In addition, referring to the Tieu Dao sect, one cannot help but mention Sinh Tu Phu – a unique martial art used to control others. Being a formless and invisible poison, Sinh Tu Phu, when planted on the victim, will make them want to live, die, and be forced to follow all the requirements of the owner. In the past, Thien Son Dong Mo used Sinh Tu Phu to bind hundreds of good players, island lords, and masters to be slaves for decades. Thien Son Dong Lao at the same time possesses both Sinh Tu Phu and Bat Hoang Luc Hop Duy Nga Doc Ton, another special martial art of the Tieu Dao sect. Not only is it a superior mind technique that helps the practitioner’s internal strength to increase rapidly, its other strange effects also help improve aging.

Hu Truc was taught by Thien Son Dong Lao

Thien Son Luc Duong Chuong, Thien Son Zhejiang Mai Thu are also martial arts with characteristics of the Tieu Dao sect. Not only dangerous and dangerous, these martial arts require the user to be very flying and flowery, even in a life-and-death fight, they must also put beauty first. However, don’t look at it lightly and beautifully and belittle it. The monk Hu Truc just used it for the first time to shoot a pine cone at his opponent and easily took the life of a good gypsy player.

The old monster Tinh Tuc was stuck with the Life and Death Talisman

Those who have seen Thien Long Bat Bo must still have the impression of Cuu Ma Tri challenging the Shaolin temple to a duel. Thanks to Xiao Wu Xiang Gong learned from the Tieu Dao sect, he defeated a series of masters of the Shaolin Temple. The magic of Tieu Vo General Cong is that once learning it, the user can use all other martial arts in the world in the same way, from form to power. But unfortunately, Cuu Ma Tri was defeated by Xu Truc himself, using Xiao General Cong, so that Shaolin Temple was freed.

Huu Truc fought with Cuu Ma Tri

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