GTA 5 graphics look like real life thanks to artificial intelligence

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“Machine Learning” or “Machine Learning” is a technique that uses artificial intelligence to automatically learn based on available data. This technique is applied a lot in the production and research process, but has become a “hot trend” in the world game industry for a few years now. With this technique, 5 or even 10 year old games can also put on a new layer of graphics comparable to the super products that have just launched.

A prime example of that is GTA 5, the legendary game of Rockstar is still attracting a large number of gamers. Although it has been released for 8 years, the game is still “young” as ever thanks to the fans always manually improving the graphics quality.

But recently, the effort to improve GTA 5 has reached a new breakthrough with the project of the research team at Cornell University, USA. Accordingly, this project aims to improve virtual image quality through artificial intelligence and the first test object is GTA 5… And the result is a game with lifelike graphics, no real graphics. different from a movie recorded on a TV show or movie.

Original game images:


Image from AI:


The team said that although this technique has been applied for a long time, in practice previous ways of giving AI a source of data are not accurate. Through their research, the team brought more accurate real-life images and allowed GTA 5 to feature the most realistic police scene possible.

However, this is a research project, not a Mod Game, so it may be impossible for the community to use. Hopefully GTA 5 fans can learn from this project and allow GTA 5 to have a completely new shirt.

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