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Game character image


Talking about the Three Kingdoms, people will mention Quan Cong, Truong Phi, Trieu Van, and Lu Bo. These characters in La Quan Trung’s work Three Kingdoms play a very important role, but this image is deeply ingrained in the minds of readers, so the new work is quite complicated. But in Heat Luong Chinh Bao, the characters of the Three Kingdoms have put on a fairly new image and are loved by many people. It can be said that the image of Chu Du is no longer an elegant scholar in the original but has put on a red armor and has a very romantic half-platinum, half-red hair. The other characters of the Three Kingdoms will appear fully in the game and of course will be new images, suitable for the tastes of many players.


Style play

Players entering the game will perform tasks to collect generals, at a glance, the game combines the card genre, in which each general will represent a card with different strengths and skills. Players can also upgrade their champions to become stronger. When entering PK matches, you will be fighting against another player. Both will rush into the war with the generals, this requires you to have a mindset, to strategize if you don’t want the game over. Overall, the gameplay of Blood Luong Chinh Bao Not too new, the difficulty is that it requires you to think, come up with different tactics to avoid causing boredom.


In addition, the mount system in the game is also expected by many gamers, in the last test, the steed system was included to help increase the strength of the generals, and can see the mounts that are specific. Here the horse plays a very important role in the war. From now until the official release, there will be many more features introduced for players to experience.


Currently the game is in the process of testing, on the top game sites of China, many gamers have left very positive reviews. According to Emergenceingame.Com’s experience, this is a game worth your time to experience. All the latest information about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com in the near future.​

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