The Yugi H5 Battle City Tournament has found a champion

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Decisive game in the final

Player BEO- deserves to be the champion
To be Tournaments The first online of the Yugih5 community, Battle City quickly attracted thousands of fans to follow. The official tournament that was contested and competed in the past week has brought many surprises to the players and fans. In less than 3 days, the number of participants quickly surpassed the threshold of 2,000 participating players. Very quickly, BTC selected the earliest 1,024 registered players to compete.


This is considered the place to gather the best players, where players can admire the dramatic matches and top-notch tactics. And after 5 rounds with 31 tough matches, the 1st Battle City found the 4 best names in the tournament.


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Congratulations to the players who have excellently completed the matches and earned the well-deserved rankings. YugiH5 believes that it has brought you a great tournament and moments of sublimation. It is known that the BEO- hand doesn’t have a very strong deck. However, with the right tactics, BEO- excellently won after more than 11 matches.

BEO- and Atem share battle secrets
After the dramatic and difficult moments of the tournament, let’s see the feelings of the best name in the tournament:
When asked which deck and strategy is Beo’s favorite, our Champion replied: “Currently, I really like the combined Mai and Jounichi deck. With the strategy of warriors taking over the field quickly with Convective Birds breaking traps and combining trap cards correctly will win.”


BEO – Yugih5 Battle City Tournament Champion​

Message to YugiH5 players, Beo- shared: “Thank you to everyone who supported the Beo tournament last year. Do not consider Beo as the Champion who will be the strongest in the YugiH5 game, but put a lot of psychology when meeting in the inter-server arena. Please bring Beo- your strategy for Beo to learn more. Close!
TOP 3 tournaments – Not Atem also shared very enthusiastically about the question “Can you share how to build this deck for other Deck players to refer to? Atem replied: “What do you think of? Of course, the deck is related to Yugi’s combos, like the Red Fantasy – Black Witch strategy, to the dark Paladin Fusion combo.”

Yugih5 develops in the direction of Esport
Unlike many other card games, Yugih5 is not only an entertaining game anytime, anywhere, suitable for many audiences, but this game also has an attractive gameplay with high tactics, suitable for the human community. Players want to develop themselves, stick to the path of professional competition.

The first Yugih5 Battle City tournament is to confirm the first step, to make a name for itself in the e-sports village. Through tournaments, Yugih5 wishes to raise the spirit of passion for the magic card game genre and affirm the mission “With passion, nothing is impossible. Follow your passion, success will come.”

With the growth of the community (more than 80,000 members), Yugih5 is ambitious to make the community grow more and more. At the same time, challenging and developing yourself in the direction of Esport is also a challenge as well as an opportunity for this game to score points in the hearts of gamers who are passionate about the magic card game genre.

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