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CFL Pro League season 2: Rookie Robot Esport, CB Gaming have an impressive opening

CFL Pro League 2018, the tournament for semi-professional teams is organized annually by NPH VNG in order to find teams with passion and potential to continue walking on the path of professional competition and conquer the championship. The prestigious gold cup The Legends 2018 will be held in the upcoming November.


September 10 – September 11, the first 4 matches took place and was a shining day for 2 rookies who had just been promoted from the open tournament. CF2L. If Robot Esports Having competed jubilantly and won against a powerful EZ Gaming in both extremely dramatic maps, the new king CF2L CB Gaming, had a pretty easy day when they completely crushed Ace Gamer with a score of 2. The numbers are 10 – 5 and 10 – 2, respectively.

In another development, Hope Star and Freedom, two teams that had just been relegated from the Star League, continued to disappoint on their opening day. Hope Star tried their best but all they got was 1 point after a 1-1 draw against Wiki and then lost 5 – 10 in the second match, but we did see some points. Hope Star and hope they can come back stronger. FreeDom had a failed day when he lost 2 maps to a mighty Blue Star led by Bastosai with a score of 10 – 2 and 10 – 5.


Schedule of matches on September 12 and 13

Exciting matches will be reported and commented directly on the official youtube channel of CrossFire Legends TV 6pm every Monday to Thursday. E-sports fans, let’s watch the dramatic opening match of the teams that have a desire to win!


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