Decoding the key positions that are causing fever in Mobi Basketball VNG

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Basketball Mobi is a brand new game about street sports that NPH VNG has just released not long ago. At the beginning of the game, sports enthusiasts will be instructed and introduced to basic skills. After going through this basic training, the unique ingame features and dramatic but equally fun gameplay will immediately make the Dunkers mesmerized and unable to take their eyes off the game.


Street basketball usually defined as basketball 3 people and only play 1 basket. It doesn’t sound too new, but that’s just the appearance. Playing street basketball is seen as a place where art converges with the passion of the players and is completely free from the constraints of traditional 5vs5 basketball. Come to Mobi Basketball VNGthe Dunkers can confidently express themselves and choose a position that suits their interests and play freely.

The defender dribbles the ball (Point Guard – PG):

In a match, the defender who takes the ball must be a person who has the ability to steal and hold the ball well. They are extremely good ball handlers and have the most dribbling responsibility on the team. Almost the one who decides the team’s attack and builds the playstyle so the advantage of a PG is Passing, Stealing and Running. Some typical characters for this position are Kidd, Alan, Reid and Haruko.


Defender scores (Shooting Guard – SG):

This position is often known as the No. 2 position. If the defenders leading the ball (PG) have to maximize the ability to score from the remaining positions on the field, then SG has the right to hold the ball and freely play. Score points with your shooting ability. The task of the SGs on the field is to shoot from a distance, especially from a distance of 3 points. In addition, scoring defenders also need to be able to dribble, hold the ball and pass the ball well to be ready to cause mutations each time. Typical defenders in Mobi Basketball are Linh Lung, Drake, Tsuitachi and Lin.

Linh Lung is beautiful with the ability to throw 3 points very well

Striker (Small Forward – SF):

This position is also known as the number 3 position. Along with the scoring defender (SG), the main task of the secondary striker is to score. Secondary strikers are usually shorter in stature main striker and striker, but is extremely versatile and free to play on the court. They can be everywhere and surprise each other. The functions of the Sub-Striker are also extremely “immeasurable”, being able to play as an SG in one situation and a PF in another. The position of Secondary Striker usually has very nice and even stats, but Basket Throw and Basket Throw are superior. Grant, Zack, Rebecca and Phong Than are typical characters in this position.​

Phong Than has very comprehensive stats, especially the ability to Throw and Speed

Main striker (Power Forward – PF):

These are usually the people who possess the ideal height, strength only after Trung Phong. The main task of the striker is to score points when the ball bounces off the board, assisting the striker the most in rebounds, both in attack and defense. PF acts as a bridge for defenders and strikers because of their versatility and is a solid interceptor to block the opponent’s attack lines. Prominent main strikers in Mobi Basketball include Hanamachi, Kemp and Yuriko.

Hanamachi has the ability to jump and jump extremely dangerously

Trung Phong (Center):

This is the position for the tallest player on the team, the range of action is just below the trapezoidal center basket and inside the 3-point area. The main task of a striker is to catch the ball on the board (Rebound), prevent the opponent from scoring (block) and score points in the opponent’s basket area. A good striker doesn’t often dribble, but they are in a very good position to receive the ball or make a wall for teammates to score. Donkey KongSamLung, Leslie and Howard are typical figures for the center position.

Donkey Kong with outstanding bodybuilding and top ball contention

So with extremely attractive and diverse gameplay with many competitive modes such as 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3. Although Mobi VNG Basketball has just appeared, the community develops very quickly and is extremely crowded. fun. Not only passionate boys and beautiful girls can’t refuse. Dunkers, quickly join this one-of-a-kind street basketball community to make more friends with similar interests!

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