Ninja Turtles suddenly landed in Injustice 2

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Just before the official release of the PC version for Injustice 2, developer NetherRealms suddenly revealed 4 new characters to be included in the expansion (DLC) for the game. This is the first time the Ninja Turtles quartet reappeared in one fighting games since joining Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters from the 90s.


The trailer shows off an impressive battle scene made using CGI, showing the 4 Ninja Turtle brothers appearing and interfering in Atom’s battle with Enchantress (she is the sorceress in the movie Suicide Squad). The appearance of Sai and the bass voice helps fans recognize Raphael even before he takes off his makeup.


However, apart from the realistic appearance, fans have not revealed much about the fighting style of the new characters. NetherRealms rarely releases up to 6 characters in a DLC, so it is possible that gamers can only control 1 Ninja Turtle character while the remaining 3 characters play a supporting role. In recent years Hollywood and the gaming world have begun to re-exploit the story of pizza-loving mutant turtles living in the heart of New York. This will be the first time that Raphael and his friends will be accompanied by Batman, Superman and other characters of the DC universe in a fighting game.

All DLC characters will also appear in the Ultimate Edition of the game.​

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