Sending wishes to win 100 million, do you dare?

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Just wish to get a stylish iPhone X right away, go to experience, visit the land of the Golden Temple of Thailand, or simply have a year of “sweeping” watching movies at CGV. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to own a trip to Korea with bears by sending messages.


Wish simply open Appota Wallet Go up, go to the GIFT section, compose a greeting with commemorative photos, or even troll photos, fake photos of your friends and send them. After just a few seconds, the other party immediately received a greeting from you even though they were “half a world apart”.

It can be seen that, with a simple way of just sending wishes, the opportunity to own an iPhone X as well as visit the land of Kimchi with bears is not too easy, isn’t it?

Don’t hesitate any longer, don’t be shy, “super big” prizes are still waiting for you to take home!

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