You will not believe this PC costs 700 million

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If one day you have a lot, a lot of money and feel so wasteful that you buy one PC gaming For the price of a car, the UK-based Overclockers computer parts website has the answer for you. Accordingly, this website has officially launched the most expensive gaming PC model in the world with the price 31,000 USD, or about 700 million VND.


In fact, if you have enough money to “weigh” you will have to spend money for 2, not 1 PC. Codenamed 8Pack OrionX, this movement includes or separate configurations that are mounted on the same chassis, powered by the Super Flower Leadex 8Pack Edition 2000W terrorist power supply. But that’s just the surface because deep inside 8Pack OrionX shows its monster.


Skimming through the configuration, 8Pack OrionX is equipped with a processor chip Intel Core i7-6950X overclocked to 4.4GHz, motherboard Asus Rampage V ED 10 and set of RAM Corsair Dominator Platinum up to 64GB DDR4. Regarding the ability to handle graphics, OrionX equips at a time three Nvidia Titan X cards running SLI. And of course, all three of these cards have been overclocked to 2000MHz.


Even more unprecedented in storage capacity, OrionX also has a 2-drive combo Intel 730 PCIe NVMe SSD 1.2TB and Samsung 850 Pro 1TB. And yet, it is equipped 1 Seagate Barracuda 10TB HDD In case gamers want to download… the whole world.


But the mold was shocked because this was only the first PC. The 2nd PC is equipped Core i7-7700K overclocked to 5.1GHzmotherboard Asus ROG Strix Z270Iset RAM Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB DDR4a Graphics Card Titanium Xtwo SSDs Samsung 960 Polaris NVMe M.2 512GB and 1 HDD is also 10 TB. With all these super-universe configurations, not only do you feel short of breath when reading, but the writer himself has to “roll his eyes” when typing.


Of course the question here is with such a horror configuration, how is the heat dissipation problem solved? Overclockers UK said 8Pack OrionX has been equipped with 3 – yes… exactly 3 custom water cooling systems for the machine. These three heatsinks are designed to keep the temperature of the three main parts of the 8Pack OrionX front, back and center.

If you feel you have enough “power”, readers can put buy 8Pack OrionX here:

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