John Wick’s creator will make Hitman movie

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Long time fans of Hitman has been waiting for a really quality edited version, which doesn’t have to be a blockbuster with a deep artistic or philosophical background, but just needs to show the detective and lightning action of the original series. Of course, it is impossible to ignore the very beautiful and “cool” places too.


After two forgettable efforts with the 2007 Hitman movie and 2015’s Hitman: Agent 47, hope is once again placed by gamers in the upcoming TV series version. Reportedly, the Fox 21 film studio and the Hulu television network have embarked on a plan to bring Hitman to the small screen, which is expected to premiere in 2019.


The first good news for fans is that the film will have the participation of Derek Kolstad – the creator and writer for the film. John Wick. If Hitman has the same atmosphere as John Wick then it seems the producers are on the right track. TV network Hulu hopes the Hitman series will become a TV blockbuster and “closely align with the mystery of video games,” instead of tapping into a completely different direction as often happens when the TV shows. The game is adapted.

Meanwhile, the latest version of Hitman’s game has sold over 7 million copies, 2 new game versions are in development.​

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