League of Legends: Top 9 moves that make you easy to fall into the situation of “he hit his back” (P.2)

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5. Eternal Nightmare – Nocturne

Most assassins in the arena of justice have the ability to reach their prey, but they also have the tools to escape in some way. However, Nocturne is not like that, his Eternal Nightmare, although highly effective when being able to approach the enemy and turn off the entire map from a great distance, puts Nocturne in a difficult position.


Nocturne can kill mainstays with his entire skill set but then he doesn’t have the moves maneuver to be able to retract. This makes his play risky and can become one-for-one at any time. So even though you know for sure that you will use it correctly and kill the enemy, you should not use it indiscriminately because when your teammates lose a large target punishment, it will be easy to fall into the enemy’s hands.

6. Punch of Justice – Galio

Just like in the case of nocturne, Galio’s punch of justice has its own strengths and weaknesses. Has the ability to approach the opponent knocking up and creating a premise for the galio to provoke the enemy. However, it is also easy to make Galio rush into the enemy team.


Although the substance generals of galio is the general tanker spawns to rush in and apply crowd control. But sometimes in low health situations to escape, the punch of justice also becomes a useful tool for the galio to retreat. However, if used on an enemy again, Galio will only stand still in place waiting to die. That said, sometimes using the exact same skill forever is not a good thing.

7. Herald of Judgment – Poppy

If you are a person who regularly watches professional tournaments or matches, showmatch. Surely you will not be able to forget the phases of using R to go underground of Teacher 3 or even the professional gamer. It is a move that has the potential to change the game greatly when it can knock the opponent back to a great distance. Not only that, it also offers the ability to knock on the spot if you know how to use it.


But it is no coincidence that many people cannot master it. The complexities of timing, timing, and alignment make Poppy’s judgment messenger very easy to fool. And once you use it indiscriminately, you will give your opponent a one-way flight ticket to a safe place when your teammates are working to accumulate damage.

8. Fate Calls – Kalista

Is an extremely complex move with the ability to combine with teammates to knock up. This move can become a very good tool to save lives in critical situations. Not only that, it also offers great fighting ability.


But everything has its price. Although it offers the ability to initiate a fight, this move also directly sends support to your team right at the tip of the enemy’s spear. This will be beneficial if you and your teammates work well together, but in the case of forwards and backwards you will give away 1 or 2 lives to the opponent in a fight. So before using at least ping the position that you want your teammates to open before to coordinate well.

9. Heartbreak – Yasuo

One gamer pro once said “if you want to play Yasuo well, remove your r button”. This is just a joke, but there is also a part of truth. Yasuo is famous for being a champion with the ability to be extremely enchanting, which makes Yasuo always stand out with his decisive play.


But this sometimes puts yasuo in danger. If Yasuo’s E dashes aren’t calculated, he won’t be able to dash back when all minions are on cooldown. In addition, when using Last Heart, Yasuo with his extremely fragile generals will have to skillfully manage among many opponents. That’s why these legendary Yasuo negative network was born in the hands of weak gamers.

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