Being given 50kg of blueberry jam by fans, the male streamer was speechless

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Twitch now is like a miniature society where there are all kinds of people, all kinds of stories from touching, sensational to laughing to tears. Usually when in love with a streamer At some point, viewers often subscribe to the channel, donate to support or even buy gifts to send to their homes. Of course, there are also several types of gifts, many streamers have received very strange gifts from fans, such as the case of the male streamer in this article.


During the last October 6 livestream, TheStockGuy – a popular streamer on Twitch when he often shares useful knowledge about the stock market – surprisingly revealed to everyone that he had just received a gift. Weird power from a certain fan: 50kg of Ocean Spray brand blueberry jam.

“What’s wrong with everyone? Someone sent me over 50kg of blueberry jam! What, I don’t even know where to put them! Why don’t you give it to some charity or use this money to do something more meaningful?”, the male streamer seemed really confused by this situation.


Not knowing how to handle the jam, he finally decided to donate them to the local food bank for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. “I’m contacting this to give this to the food center for a Thanksgiving party, so they won’t need to pay for it.” This was clearly a fan joke but thankfully the gift ended up being put to good use in the end.​

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