Marvel’s Avengers is dying on PC, sliding in the footsteps of Anthem’s “bomb”

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As a game that countless gamers have been waiting for since its announcement, Marvel’s Avengers could not become a hit like what it is. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics expectations, at least in terms of player retention. Less than two months after launch, Marvel’s Avengers PC version has lost a lot of players, which directly causes some problems in the game.​


Like Anthem, since the release of Marvel’s Avengers there have been many hiccups, which caused many gamers to turn away from this game. Last month’s patch addressed more than 1000 different issues, but the underlying issues that caused the drop in player numbers remained unresolved, as reported by Forbes, there was a time when the game’s PC gamer count dropped. less than 1000 people. Following that, additional content was also postponed.​

Player Marvel‘s Avengers keeps dropping

Marvel’s Avengers has a series of quests that players can complete alone, with friends or the AI. Compared to AI, gamers still prefer to play with real gamers. However, the lack of players and the mechanics of Marvel’s Avengers are making it difficult to match. Each player will have to choose a different superhero before the game begins. This is quite time-consuming because it has to find four different superheroes, also because of this mechanism, characters like Kamala Khan or Hulk will often be chosen more than the most famous superhero Avengers is Iron Man.​


Although not as serious as on PC, the number of players on PlayStation is also decreasing. Players no longer care about the loot in the game, while Hawkeye’s DLC disappeared without knowing when it was released. Some players think that Marvel’s Avengers is following in the footsteps of Anthem and it is certainly something that the developer does not want.​

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