7 Dragon Ball suddenly has more masters who use dual swords

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7 Dragon Balls nice Dragon Ball always dominated by masters who use their fists and laws to dominate on the battlefield. These Goku, Vegeta or Jiren in the series Dragon Ball Super is a prime example of that. However when Trunks the future appeared with a sword in hand and slashed Frieza in half, fans got to see the first “swordsman” of the 7 Dragon Balls.. showing the power of this weapon.

However, with the appearance of blockbusters Dragon Ball Legends Preparing to launch Mobile, it seems that gamers will have the opportunity to meet another sword master. And not only using one, this character will hold up to 2 swords to bring into the battlefield.

Dragon Ball Legends trailer.

The dual-sword character glimpses the trailer (next to a Saiyan who has never been
seen before).

Spotted in the trailer of Dragon Ball Legends, this mysterious character shows only his back and wields 2 swords with armor never seen before in 7 Dragon Balls. This has immediately attracted the attention of gamers, who have not seen many images of swords in Manga or Anime.


As far as we know, the famous swordsmen in the Dragon Balls include Trunks, Gohan (When practicing under Shin’s hands) or Tapion (The one who wielded the Brave Sword before Trunks) had only one sword. Even beings that transform internal energy into energy swords follow this rule. However, the character we see uses dual swords, becoming an image that has never been seen before in either Manga, Anime or Game.


In addition to the new Saiyan confronting Goku, the identity of this swordsman will make fans more eager to look forward to the launch day of Dragon Ball Legends. Emergenceingame.Com will continuously update information about Dragon Ball Legends for readers to be able to uncover this mystery as soon as possible.

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