The superhero costumes fans want to see in Spider-Man PS4

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Spider-Man PS4 has officially been set to release on September 7 this year. Along with the features that have been revealed, what fans are looking forward to, of course, are the “suits” that our Spider can put on in the new game. Must know, costume is always one of the most important factors to “shape” a superhero.

In the trailer set the release date, the game studio Insomniac has also opened up options for us to look forward to. If you pre-order the game from this point on, players will be able to own 3 special outfits including Spider-Punk and 2 other costumes that are still in the mystery. Of course, with a game as big as Spider-Man, this is definitely just a part of the “inventory” of the game. Spiderman. So, what about the other suits? When will we be able to see or own them?


The answer is…don’t know. Insomniac is still keeping quiet on the matter. However, the company also confirmed that Spider-Man will be a game that follows the events that took place in the comics. Therefore, we can completely use our imagination to predict which costumes of Spider-Man will appear in this game.

1. Symbiote Suit


The almost indispensable outfit of any game about Spider-Man. Cool and cool, the Spider costume when infected with the Symbiote is definitely something that will make players extremely disappointed…if it doesn’t appear in the upcoming game.

2. Iron Spider (Civil War)


In the Civil War (comic) series, when Spider Man chose to join Team Iron Man, he was given this costume by billionaire Tony Stark. The extra claws are not only cool, but also contain some advanced technology to help the Spider fight stronger.

3. Iron Spider (Cinematic Universe Marvel)


Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, turned away when Tony Stark invited him to join the Avenger with the gift of a new Spider costume. However, thanks to Thanos, our Spiderman will have to accept it in the end. The feature of this outfit is still shrouded in mystery, but that doesn’t mean it’s off the fan’s expected list.

4. Zombie Spider-Man


Imagine the scenario of New York City in the game being ravaged by the Zombie virus. Our Spider-Man also suffered the same fate as the people, but still kept his mind to only “eat” the bad guys… Doesn’t sound bad, right? In fact, Marvel also quite often turns its superheroes into Zombies, so the above idea is not a fantasy at all.

5. Future Foundation


If you don’t know, Spider Man in the comics is best friends with the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch. In one part of the story, after the Human Torch died, our Spider-man joined the Fantastic Four, now renamed the Future Foundation. His outfit when he joined the group was obviously changed as well, and look, it looks really cool!

6. Superior Spider-Man


This super Spider-Man isn’t actually the Peter Parker we know. In an extremely interesting series, Doctor Octopus – Spider Man’s most dangerous enemy – successfully executed a plot to swap his dying body with that of Peter Parker. In order to hide from everyone’s eyes, he still did Spider-Man’s work afterwards, with his own style. Strangely, this somewhat cruel Spider-Man received a lot of love and support from readers.

7. Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara)


The Spider-Man of the future, many times returned to the past to interact with his own forebear, Peter Parker. This character probably won’t appear in the game, but it would be a waste if his costume were either. Due to the design of a special silk, this is one of the strongest Spider-Man costumes ever known.

8. Old Man Spider


Appearing in the style of Old Man Logan, Old Man Spider is the one who witnessed the original Spider-Man die (in his world) and chose to put on a mask. During the Spider Verse event, when the Inheritors hunted down all the Spider-Mans of every universe, Old Man Spider himself sacrificed himself to give the other Spider-Mans a chance to fight back. What’s so special about his outfit? It’s nothing but the super cool decency that fans are obviously looking forward to seeing in the new game.

9. SP//dr


This…is obviously the skin that is unlikely to appear in the latest game. However, look, a robot machine with the appearance of Spider-Man… At least let your imagination run wild.

10. Spider-Gwen


Peter Parker’s girlfriend becomes Spider-Man, wearing a black and white costume with a hood. Spider-Man wearing a hood? It would be a shame if Insomniac thought that fans didn’t want to see it in their new title.

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