Revealing the dreamlike girlfriend of “Demon King” Zeros League of Legends

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Zeros (Pham Minh Loc, SN 2000) is one of the young players of the professional League of Legends in the country. Having just passed the age of 18 “break the buffalo horn”, but Zeros’ experience and achievements are not young compared to his age. The general top lane is relatively wide, especially the ability to carry teams and physical damage options such as JarvanIV, Fiora, etc. Zeros has always been noticed by professional teams from a very early age. Once a teammate of GIGABYTE Marines, Zeros still didn’t really stand out until he returned to Phong Vu Buffalo. Zeros is still on the road to success. Currently Zeros is playing for the GAM Esports team after the cult transfer and the nightly Drama cost a lot of ink.


Handsome, talented, it is not difficult to understand when Zeros owns a large number of female fans. However, recently, perhaps a lot of girls had to be disappointed when the “demon king” guy began to publicize his girlfriend. Moreover, this is a very beautiful “pink ball”.


Soon after, her identity was widely investigated by netizens, especially Zeros fans. As far as I know, Zeros’s girlfriend’s full name is Ly Uyen Nhu, currently living in Ho Chi Minh City. Through the photos shared on her personal facebook page, it can be seen that she possesses a very clear, gentle and innocent appearance. Upon learning that this is the girlfriend of “Demon King” Zeros, the fans immediately gave Uyen Nhu the nickname “Strawberry Sting Queen”. The number of her facebook followers also rapidly increased rapidly.


Idol has a lover, maybe this makes many female fans disappointed and sad. But the number still sent greetings to the “demon king” when he finally found his happiness. Hopefully with a beautiful and solid “rear” behind, Zeros will increasingly improve their performance, compete bravely and be more successful in the coming seasons.

And now, let’s admire the beauty of thousands of people who love the “strawberry sting queen”!

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