Jade board and how to play Yone League of Legends version 10.16

Welcome to find guests returning from the dead Yone, brother Yasuo and a son of the homeland Ionia. Today Funny game will bring you articles about how to play the assassin general in the community League of Legends Predicting will usurp the throne of Yasuo.

Yone As a double-sword assassin, he has a similar passive Sett and move E like moves Image Variation of the Leblanc Black Rose. When playing Yone, People will experience an unpredictable set of virtual moves and many ways to combine skills to create the best combo.

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1. Table of pearls for Yone:

The Standard Super Gem Board is for Yone only
The Standard Super Gem Board is for Yone only

Yone gems table for jungle:

Ngoc Yone goes to the jungle
Ngoc Yone goes to the jungle

Yone recombinant gem board mid:

Ngoc Yone mid
Ngoc Yone mid

Ngoc Yone goes to Top:

Ngoc let Yone go to the Top lane
Ngoc let Yone go to the Top lane

2. Appropriate equipment of Yone:

First match equipment:

Equip Yone at the beginning of the game
Equip Yone at the beginning of the game

Doran’s Sword: (350 gold)

  • + 8 Physical Damage.
  • + 80 Health.
  • + 3% Lifesteal.

Blood pot: (50 gold)

Limit 5 bottles at a time. Limited to one category only Potions

Click to use: helps restore 150 Health over 15 seconds.

Mid-game equipment:

Gear for Yone in mid game
Gear for Yone in mid game

Ma Vu Song Kiem:

  • + 45% Attack Speed
  • + 30% Critical Rate

Unique Passive – Ma Vu: While within 500 units of the distance of an enemy champion you see, + 12% Movement Speed ​​and you can run through objects.

UNIQUE Passive – Ai Resentment: The last champion that takes damage from you will deal 12% less damage to you (ends after 10 seconds of not hitting).

Search infinity:

  • + 65 Physical Damage.
  • + 20% Critical Rate.

UNIQUE Passive: Increases damage from critical attacks by 50%.

End-of-game and complete equipment:

Yone's End-of-Game Equipment
Yone’s End-of-Game Equipment

Sterak’s Claw:

  • + 500 Health
  • + 25% Base Attack Damage

UNIQUE Passive: If you take between 400 and 1800 damage (based on champion level) for 5 seconds, take Wrath of the Sterak for 8 seconds (45 cooldown).

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Sterak’s Wrath: Become tall and strong, increase in Size, + 25% Base Damage, and gain a rapidly reduced armor equal to 30% of your maximum Health.

Angel Armor:

  • +60 Armor.
  • +60 Magic Resist.

UNIQUE Passive: Resurrects fallen champions, allowing them to restore 30% of their maximum Health and Mana after 4 seconds of immobility (300 second cooldown)

Blood sword:

  • + 75 Physical Damage.

UNIQUE Passive: + 20% Lifesteal.

UNIQUE Passive: Basic attacks that suck blood can now heal over the maximum limit for you. Excessive blood draw will be stored as a shield to help blocks 50 – 350 damage, based on champion level.

This shield will gradually self-destruct if you do not take or deal any damage within 25 seconds.

3. Some basic notes when playing Yone:

Yone He’s a pretty maneuverable assassin if he’s mastered, but vice versa he will be difficult to play for beginners. With his damage, you can be quite sure in solo-skill duels and in teamfights, be careful to go ahead and destroy the main force of the enemy team because Yone basically doesn’t have instant movement skills. .

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