New hero Yone and secrets revealed in Lang Visitor and the Hunter

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YoneSomeone from the dead, a champion that has been looked forward to by every gamer Riot comes with a short film – Cinematic 10 minutes long tells the story of his meeting with Yasuo. In this short film revealed more information about two special generals Yone. In the following part of the article, let’s take a look at EmergenceInGame’s skill set Yone as well as details revealed by Riot in the short film The Wanderer and the Hunter Please!

1. Yone’s moves:

Passive (Path of the Hunter):

Passive Yone - The path of the hunter

  • Each normal attack, Yone will use both swords one by one and always open with the normal sword. The attacks from the Demon Sword will deals bonus magic damage.
  • Crit chance has been doubled but Reduce critical damage.
  • With the x2 critical rate, Yone will be very strong in a duel, matching the gameplay like Yasuo.

Skill Q (Death Sword):

Yone's Skill Q - Death Sword

This is the main damage skill of Yone, it works pretty much like that of Yasuo but the difference in the 3rd use.

  • When activated, Yone will stab the sword in the target direction, deals physical damage and receive a storm accumulation amount if it hits the enemy.
  • With 2 storm accumulation Yone can glide forward, damaging and creating a gust of wind knocking all enemies hit.
  • This skill will interrupt basic attack animation when activated.
  • With players Yasuo then getting used to this skill Yone will be pretty quick. But remember the difference 3rd use 2 generals are different, avoid 1 hit Tu Sword go underground because it thought this was the directional whirlwind of Yasuo.

Skill W (Soul Slaying):

Yone's Skill W - Soul

  • After using the moves, Yone will use Demon Sword slash in an arc in the indicated direction, deals magic damage as a percentage of maximum health of the target and get a temporary shield.
  • The more enemy champions you slash, the greater the shield value Yone will receive.

Shocking is a move that is used effectively when right against many enemy generals, its mechanism of action is that the more targets it can hit, the larger the virtual spear class will be. For the fighting phase, Yone can use this move on all enemies to have the ability to possess a huge amount of virtual armor to fight first.

Skill E (Exodus):

Yone's E move is quite similar to the Sword of Transformation

This is a very interesting skill of Yone.

  • When activated, Yone will enter the spirit state, glide forward and leave the body. After the soul state ends, Yone will return to their physical position.
  • Upon entering the body again, Yone will deal additional damage based on the amount of damage he deals in spirit state.

You can use this move against those The long-sleeved champion in the mid and top lane. It is most effective when putting as much damage as possible before the soul re-enters the body.

Skill R (Destiny):

The fighting technique of the swordsman Yone

  • After a short spell of luck, Yone will dash in the target direction and slash enemies within range. He will appear behind the last enemy hit by the skill.
  • Enemies hit will be knocked and pulled towards Yone.

With this skill Yone will have the ability to assassinate or create but nice teamfights. Use this skill to destroy the main force of the enemy team. Can be combined with skills Out of Soul to proceed to the main assassination and return safely.

With this set of moves, Yone promises to be one of the most favored assassins of the end of this season. He was even able to take the throne in terms of his brother’s hot pick rate Yasuo.

2. Other Cinematic Lang and the Hunters – Continent 2020:

Also launched a new general Yone, Riot Games also posted a 10-minute short film telling the story of him and his brother Yasuo.

The beginning is a sword fight between the two

Opening the story is the battle of two brothers, they talk about the honor and death of the master Souma. In this detail we know the original Yone had used the double swords, not after obtaining the power of the ancient demon.

Yone's weapon
Yone’s weapon

Then there is the scene Yasuo in another land to try to get in touch with the dead. He meets an old man with a style like a ninja and talks to each other about his purpose while there. Following on to the throne of the old man, Yasuo has flashed back to the past and we can see that he was very opposed to his own brother Yone in the past.

when the Yasuo Drinking a drink the old man gave, he became short of breath and the old man now formed a demon saying ” Sometimes the demons are after us“. Right now Yone appeared, he did not come because Yasuo but because of the demon. He was called a hunter by the old man, from the moment he appeared Yone has launched skills Out of Soul if we pay attention. He said ” I’m not here for you“with Yasuo to show that he was hunting the demon in front of him. After a while of fighting, Yasuo recognizes the deceased brother’s gesture and statement with the saying “ It was better than without honor“At this time Yasuo awakens and says he’s been running for a lifetime. The two of them now teamed up to defeat the demon with extremely beautiful moves Igei Ton and Kuro’Sagol. In the movie Yone is possessed by a demon but still retains his humanity, he may have become a hunter of demons with his new powers.

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